G and H

After my horrible weekend of picking out all my work, I buckled down Sunday night, stayed up way too late, and got on a roll with some good progress. Finally!

I kept it going and was able to get most of G and H finished before the end of the month, and also start on I. Sigh of RELIEF!

I might just go ahead and finish it up to be done with this section this week. I plan to do MNO next and am looking forward to it. There is an OWL! And the stitches look super interesting.

I will be working on reproduction samplers for Sampler September and try to post regular progress over on Instagram. I will definitely spend some time with Bathya and also Luz Gonzalez and Jane Plenderleath. And I also have a brand new small!

One thought on “G and H

  1. Oh well done of getting past the Point of Frog! That’s always satisfying and it looks amazing too.
    Have a lovely September with your friends. I do like the way samplers have the person’s name, it’s such a friendly thing to stitch!

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