September (No! October!) 2022 Fully Finished Objects

I devoted a good bit of time last month to finishing 2 nice projects I completed earlier this year. But I didn’t finish them in time to share in September, so here I am sharing in October.

First I turned the Chessie and Me kitty project into a needlebook. The design is called Under the Bough and it was a little kit. It was supposed to be a fob but I thought it would be too big. So I stitched another cat (the orange one) to make the 2 covers.

It just ties closed with a little ribbon wrapped around the button.

This was fairly simple and straightforward. Topstitching the edge meant I didn’t have to blind stitch it closed and it works with binding in the wool felt pages. I’m quite happy with having my vision come to fruition.

And then I was warmed up for a bigger project, the Summer Garden Roll by Stacy Nash. Here is the whole project all together!

The kit came with lining fabric which I didn’t like and also, just lining it didn’t seem very useful. A proper tool roll needs pockets for stuff.

I got some pretty fabric from Moda’s Howard Marcus “Heritage” line and a piece from the Rosewood line from 3 Sisters (the red floral). and it was a perfect match. I set out to design an interior full of pockets.

There is a pocket with ribbon ties for a pair of scissors. There is a pocket big enough to stuff in a bunch of threads in floss away bags, since I often manage my thread this way. Or I can put the flower needle book in it which was part of the kit. There is a wool pocket for odds and ends like the pretty waxer that came with the kit. I can also stick my needles in it. The whole thing ties with the ribbon from the kit.

I did something new. I learned how to apply binding! First I made the bias tape trim for the edge. My Attic coworker who is an accomplished seamstress showed me how to sew it on. My first attempt was crummy and I took it off, but the second try came out really nice. I machined stitched the interior side and hand stitched the linen side. I think if I try to do this again, I have learned some valuable skills with this that will make the next one even nicer.

I finished it off by making the strawberry emery that came with the kit. Cute!

I see a lot of professional finishing on Instagramand I wonder how it is so perfect. I guess practice! (And maybe sometimes good camera angles?)! I tried hard to make this come out really well. I love the colors and design. Mine is not completely perfect but you know it may be the biggest complete finishing project I’ve done so far and I feel a little more confident with finishing my other roll some day.

Many thanks to Rachel for hosting us again this month! To see more finishing be sure to visit the other participating blogs in her site!

2 thoughts on “September (No! October!) 2022 Fully Finished Objects

  1. Your needle roll looks amazing! I love how you’ve designed the inside to be so useful with all the pockets.
    I think finishing is 25% ability and 75% practise. When I look back at my first pillow finish it was awful! I’m nowhere near perfect now but at least it’s less embarrassing! If I did them more often I am sure I would get even better. I’m certainly happy with my 3D finishes compared to my first attempts.

  2. I know it’s really late… but thank you for participating in October’s FFG SAL. The roll finish is fantastic, and I love the coordinating fabrics you chose for the inside. Major congratulations all round!

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