Gifted Gorgeousness: Dutch Birds

I’ve had very productive stitching time lately! I made very good progress on my Dutch Birds project. It was a gift to me after Summer School at The Attic-a great bonus of working in a shop! The design is by From The Heart. She has some very pretty, modest designs and I’m glad to see her work more on social media lately. Her monthly Quaker series is quite popular it seems.

I need to find the silk for the legs and eyes of the birds but otherwise the middle section is done, When I dig out that color, which is presently with another project, it will only take a minute to finish up the birds.

In the meantime, I have a bit left to do with the lovely red border. One thing I’m very happy about with this project is that I bought not one bit of it! Not only was the chart was a gift but all the silks and linen were in my stash. I didn’t have all the colors so I substituted…and one that was substituted was that red border color. It was supposed to be Dutch Red from Gloriana. It is a particular color of rich tomato-y red, very unusual actually. But lo! I had one that would work, a limited edition Silk N Colors red called Firestone. Using a limited color that will never be called for in any chart is especially gratifying as it is a good chance to actually show it off!

Thanks for hosting Gifted Gorgeousness Jo! If you want to see more gift stitching head back to Serendipitous Stitching!

2 thoughts on “Gifted Gorgeousness: Dutch Birds

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. That’s a sweet design and I love that variegated red thread too. It’s nice to use beautiful threads from your stash!

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