Some finishes and some WIPs

I haven’t updated you on some of my ongoing projects in a while mostly because I keep hoping there will be more to show if I wait another day or 2! Does anyone else do that? Well, I am guilty of it too often. Nonetheless, I do have some finishes to share, this one for 2 full weeks! Yes! I finished the Spanish Sampler Etui Needlebook:

There were not good instructions for the spine of the book…there might supposed to be crosses between the lines as decoration…or functional to hold the pages in the needlebook. I’m guessing the latter so I left them off for now. If they don’t seem to be functional, I’ll add them later.

I also finished MNO from the Sampler of Stitches. It all just took a little bit of doing! Yay!

I started VWX. I wanted to do X first to do the “rainbow” cross band at the bottom to show off the color palette for the whole sampler. Fun! But somewhere I got off by one thread. Argh. No one will ever notice and I’m not going to try to find it anymore but I do need to strategize about where to compensate.

For my WIP, here is how far I am as of today on Rosehips and Ivy. I enjoy this one.

I was torn, for my small this month, between finishing up my Victoria Sampler Biscournuments and doing something new. I have the borders of the Biscornuments stitched so they count as WIPS, Ohhhh I’ll be a good girl and finish the Biscornuments. It will be nice to close out that project!

One thought on “Some finishes and some WIPs

  1. Lovely work on the etui needle book. The alphabet sampler is gorgeous too! I love that little owl.
    I’m resisting starting anything new until January although I am preparing fabric!

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