I was planning to put the finishing touches on a few things before starting something new but for me sometimes making a plan is the surest way to deviate from it!! I went ahead and started a new project, Rosehips and Ivy by Blackbird Designs. I Can Not Put It Down! The colors and the linen I’m using are just so pleasant, it is stitching so quickly, I’m loving every minute!

Here it is today…I guess about 1/4 done?

I’m using the called for colors on I think a 36 ct Lakeside which maybe is Pecan Butter? I don’t know. I have so much random linen and I can’t seem to keep labels on it. Anyway, it’s super nice linen.

I do need to put it down and get some Christmas stitching done! The good news is I’ll hope to pick it right up again and happily stitch away on it as soon as my obligation projects are complete!

4 thoughts on “Addictive!

  1. Oh how pretty! I love Lakeside linen! I am waiting and waiting for some 40 count right now.

  2. I can quite understand why your needle was kept busy it’s a beautiful design.

  3. That’s a lovely design and it looks like a quick stitch too.
    Pretty delicate colours.

  4. Such a beautiful project – also beautiful fabric. I can see that it would call to you to be stitched.

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