FFO December 2022

Thanks to Rachel, one last time this year I have a FFO! This time it’s an old reliable stitch from Mill Hill…the Christmas Flamingo!

I love the dangly legs.

Who doesn’t need a Christmas flamingo? We sure do because our littlest girl loves everything pink especially flamingos. She had a flamingo birthday last month. Here is her cake. A little less inspired than some of my cakes but it was delicious,

Also we did a birthday trip to the zoo mainly to see the flamingos. They were cooperative and were right up at the front of their pond area and entertained us with a lot of squawking and flapping:

And that friends is why I have made a flamingo ornament this year.

If you’d like to see more FFOs this month head back to Rachel’s! And see you soon! I have a backlog of posts to put up for you!

3 thoughts on “FFO December 2022

  1. OMGoodness, your flamingo turned out so cute! I like how you extended the pink backing around it, and yes, those legs are great!
    Such a beautiful cake and how nice that they cooperated for you at the zoo so you could see them better.

  2. Your flamingo is fabulous! Do you have any of Cathy Habermann’s designs? She does a wonderful Fa la lamingo Christmas design!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter too.

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