First finish of 2023!

Yay! I have finished the Victoria Sampler Biscornuments series! I made the last ornament my final start of 2022 on New Year’s Eve, and was able to complete it on New Year’s Day!

I “saved” this one for last because it struck me as less interesting than the others but I think it just didn’t photograph well. It is so bling-y! I’ll get right to FFO-ing these last 2 ornaments right away. It will be great to put away this chart.

Meanwhile, I spent a good chunk of January 2 doing a silk conversion for a sampler I want to stitch this year, Though He Seemth Sleeping by Lucy Beam. I think I’ve just about got it…there are 20 colors in the chart but I probably will not even use all of these. Or maybe I will. Anyway, I think I’ve got plenty to choose from as I get it going.

You can appreciate that this is one of my favorite color palettes. And I have the perfect piece of linen, 36 count Duxbury from Fox and Rabbit. It is suitably aged and “grubby” looking to match the original, but not too grubby for me! I don’t usually love a lot of dark “stained” look mottling but this one is just fine.

This week gets back to normal for us. Yay!, and ugh. I’ve enjoyed a good break from “normal” which has been so nice, and it will also be nice to get back to regular routines , but I know I will also appreciate the break more once it is all over! Does that make sense? Have a great first week of the year!

4 thoughts on “First finish of 2023!

  1. Congratulations on your finish, great stitching over 2022. It does feel good when a chart is no longer required. Your fabric does look suitably grubby, good colour choices. It will be nice to see this growing

  2. Lovely work on the final ornament of the series.
    The sample is beautiful too, your colour choices will look great on that fabric.

  3. Perfect 1st piece to finish for the new year… with bling!
    I love those beautiful fall looking colours for your sampler.

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