January 2023 Belated FFO Gallery

Oh dear! I let time get away from me and didn’t get my FFOs finished and posted in time for the FFO Gallery Link Up! I’m sorry Rachel! But I did get some FFO’s done, so I’m posting these anyway! First up is my Christmas Pin Pillow by Kathy Barrick. I’m really happy with how my finishing skills are improving. One tip I followed this time was to sew the pom poms onto the front before sewing the front onto the back instead of trying to sew the trim simultaneously. Genius tip! It was so easy to have it come out even and not get the trim caught up in the layers!

I really am happy to with the backing fabric I found in my stash. It was worth it to go digging into the “bottom box” of fabric to find this pretty one that matched perfectly. I followed was Vonna’s suggestion to sew the striped back together in 2 sections with a seam down the middle, and cut a hole down that middle seam to turn and stuff. Then the corners are easier to come out square, the trim lays evenly around the whole pillow, and you can hide the seam on the stripe.

Not quite perfect but I can live with it.

The new pillow is perfectly at home in this bowl of red, gold and green. It is even ok for year round I think.

My other FFOs were the last 2 Biscornuments which I stitched last year. Here is the WHOLE set…but the ones I just finished are the poinsettia and the snowflake ones.

The biggest favor I did myself was, when I finished the first ornament, I went ahead and made the hangers and tassels for all 5. Boy did that save a lot of reinventing the wheel and hassle on the later finishes, especially considering I really took my time to finish the whole set…like 3 years? more?

Christmas decor is put away so I will show you a display on some spring-y flowers, even though we are far from spring time this week with another cold snap hitting my area this week. The lows are in the 30s and highs in the 50s! That is chilly for us, but no where near record breaking for the Phoenix area.

To see the other FFO’s this month, you can visit Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher and see those of us who had their act together this month and were able to join the link up! Ha ha! I’ll try harder next month!

3 thoughts on “January 2023 Belated FFO Gallery

  1. Such beautiful finishes, Mary! Those tassel ornaments are so elegant looking. And I’d definitely leave your wooden bowl of pretties out year round.

    Hope things warm up for you–we’ve had an unusually snowless, warm winter here in western PA!

  2. No worries about missing the deadline… just double up next month and I’ll count it then.
    I’ve never tried sewing an ornie up the middle but it makes sense, and I love your little biscornuments. I’m FFOing a lot of things the same this year and, although many haven’t been stitched yet, like you I’ve already done a lot of the prep work.

  3. Thanks for the finishing tips! I’d never have thought of attaching the trim before stitching the sides together – genius! The whole bowl look great together.
    The biscornuments are so beautiful too.

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