January 2023 Smalls Link Up

Hello friends! It is time for the first Smalls Link Up of 2023! I can hardly believe it but here we are!

Here is my (medium) small for this month, The Philanthropic Pumpkin from Hands on Design. I am looking forward to the finishing actually, it will be very very cute and I have some adorable pumpkin pins to stick in it.

Looking at my stitching for the year I am very energized by all the adorable smalls in my line up! It is great to be off to a good start with this one!

Now, if you managed to get a small done this month, please share below! The link up will stay open about 10 days!

3 thoughts on “January 2023 Smalls Link Up

  1. All linked up and back with a vengeance!
    Love your (medium) small this month, and looking forward to seeing the finish; a biscornu perhaps?

  2. That’s a lovely design. Will you get it finished in time for Rachel’s Gallery?

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