WIPS! Starts! Yay!

Finishing those 2 little projects last week of the VWX section on the Sampler of Stitches and the Philanthropic Pumpkin made me so happy because I could go back to a lovely stitch from last year…Rosehips and Ivy from Blackbird Designs. Here’s my progress this week. If I keep on at a good pace, I may just be able to finish it and call this my Small for February. It will be another medium small. It really makes quite a large drum!

I started the next section of the Sampler of Stitches this week too. PQR. It is exciting to be so close to the end with this one! I started with the letter boxes. There are, of course, many fun specialty stitched in it too, including a lot of Queen Stitches for Q of course.

I also started a small embroidery project. It is a kit from Avlea Folk Embroidery I saw some of her needle minders on Instagram and when I went to buy them, this hopped in my cart. I think it’s pretty.

Finally, I started my Valentine’s project for Jo’s Secret Stitching Sweetheart Bloghop. But I can’t share that with you yet! I hope to get a lot done on it this weekend because I am going on a trip, on a plane, ALL BY MYSELF! For a weekend away for my brother’s wedding. I haven’t been on a trip all by myself in 15 years.

4 thoughts on “WIPS! Starts! Yay!

  1. Rosehips and Ivy is lovely but it is quite a Big small!
    The embroidery is beautiful.
    Hope you enjoy your solo flight, make sure you take a good travel project!

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