Rosehips and Ivy

I’ve really been enjoying stitching on Rosehips and Ivy this past week. I was enjoying it so much I went ahead and finished it this weekend!

The colors on this are really nice. I am looking forward to the finish. But it will be a LARGE drum. It is funny how all these drums are all different proportions. I took a group picture of my drums and you can see really how they compare. And it doesn’t have too much to do with linen count… it is just the design size. See how big Rosehips and Ivy will be in the group?

Drums are a nice finish to display, being 3D and having several interesting viewpoints. I really like this finish and after making several I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it! I mostly follow Vonna’s tutorials, with some of my own liberties as seems good to me on each one. If you want to make a drum, I highly recommend watching her videos!

Now that I’ve finished it, I’ve picked another super small project to whip up for the Smalls check in on Friday! See you back then!!

11 thoughts on “Rosehips and Ivy

  1. I like that your drums are all different sizes; like you say, they make for an interesting display, especially as they all use similar colour schemes. Good luck finishing this one.

  2. Oh Mary, these are all very beautiful!! I would like to know what pattern the bird on brown pin keep is from. It is so different from the others. Who knew ‘fatter and shorter’ would be so lovely!

    1. Hi Patty! Thank you! The design you asked about is Blackbird Designs called Remember Me I think. It was a UNICEF fundraiser organized by a Facebook group. The fabric is from BBD’s Home Sweet Home collection.

      1. Thank you for getting back so quickly. All your drums are beautiful! I’ve been enjoying all your past posts.

  3. Congratulations on the Happy Dance! Your collection of drums is fabulous, that’s the beauty of a drum, they can be all shapes and sizes and still look good together.

  4. Such an amazing collection of drums, Mary! I have yet to get up my nerve to try one making one. Lovely new finish as well… Hope you are having a nice February!

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