March 2023 Smalls Check In

For my little bitty small for March here is a pin cushion designed by Indigo Rose.

I do love the specialty stitches in her designs and the use of variegated silk. I bought this kit second hand with the lovely little Nantucket basket. It took maybe 3 short stitching sessions and finished in a half hour, no sewing, just coaxing the bundle of wadding and linen into the basket! And by coaxing I mean stuffing firmly and avoiding wrinkles. It’s so cute I don’t know why I didn’t make it up sooner! But such is the way! I’m glad to check it off my to do list!

I hope you’ve gotten some smalls stitching in this month! I’ve been cleaning, sorting, painting, relaxing, working at The Attic….and I can’t wait to get back to proper stitching time soon!

7 thoughts on “March 2023 Smalls Check In

  1. I couldn’t possibly use that as a pin cushion! It’s really sweet, and I am in awe of it being wrinkle free!

  2. Such a sweet finished piece, it looks beautiful in purple.

    I thought I had your email to respond to your comments on my blog, but I don’t think I do. Can you email it to me, if you’re okay with that?

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