Mostly Monogamous May

As much fun as it is to go skippity hop from one project to another, it is more satisfying to finish something so I’m going to do a mostly monogamous May and strive for a substantial finish! The stitch of choice is Jane Plenderleath from Needlework Press. I don’t even remember the last time I showed her on the blog even though I put a few stitches in here and there whenever I needed a good on-the-go project. Her border is easy and she is a straightforward stitch.

Here is the last photo I uploaded several months ago…

And here is where I am today, compared to the model:

I removed the trees to either side of the house to restitch because I couldn’t live with the color placement of the variegated threads. It made the trees look unbalanced. I used the wrong color gray on the center alphabet (mixing up Gunmetal and Galvanized…sheesh!) but I can live with that. I showed it to Vickie (the designer) when she happened to come in at the Attic this week and she said “Leave it! I like it that way!” But I would have anyway. I didn’t feel like redoing that much!

So back to mostly Monogamous May…. I will still make a small…the Stacy Nash birds…and I hope to have a fabulous full finish. Can you guess which one??

One thought on “Mostly Monogamous May

  1. Gorgeous, I like the darker grey too. It’s a big sampler!
    I get my switching from my evening Smalls in May and then monogamy during the daytime.

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