Monogamous May…and a delay

I’ve made more good progress on Jane this past week. The border is matched up! This stitch is full of on purpose and on accident “personalizations” but at least no significant counting errors! Yay! The finish is in sight!

The photo here captures the colors pretty true.

I meant to spend Mother’s Day making a big finish. It didn’t work out. An essential component of the finish was not present in my kit…the Skirtex for stiffening the box! What box? The Spanish Sampler Etui. This has been in my finishing pile for months. I really wanted to get it done. Well, the Skirtex is duly ordered and should arrive this week.

In the meantime, I made a small amount of headway. I finished the signature in the bottom opting for my full name and title of the project instead of a fancy monogram. I cut out the pieces and interfaced most of them, and I read the instructions. Twice. This finish is a big deal. There are a lot of components to consider and a lot of planning. I should have attempted to make the cording and tassels but I didn’t mainly because you make them with the Perle cotton, and my skein got to be a hopeless tangle early on during the stitching so I had to cut it up into lengths and I’m not sure there are enough long enough pieces to make the cording now. I will just buy more I guess! So my big finish is delayed, but with all the pieces out on my work surface (ironing board!) it is no long infinitely delayed! Maybe by the end of the month, a little bit at a time! Like everything!

2 thoughts on “Monogamous May…and a delay

  1. Jane is looking lovely but I’m so exited to see the Spanish Etui close to being fully finished.
    I also use my ironing board as a craft table! It’s the perfect height to stand and work at.

    1. Yes! I just wish the ironing board was a bit sturdier. And bigger! Or I could just use a proper table. Anyway, I also can’t wait to get another block of time to finish the Etui..I have all the parts now!

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