Jane Plenderleath!

I didn’t do anything else this morning until I had finished Jane Plenderleath!

Jane Plenderleath 1838 by Needle Work Press stitched on 36 Weeks Straw with called for colors some wrongly placed!

I was so close I just had to. It was one more hour of stitching and Ta Dah!

As I got to the end I went back and picked out several sets of letters to change them to my family initials. If you look you will see EM, RD, DJ, NE, ER, and BK. And me, MRH. And I changed the numbers from the set 20, 21, 2 to 2023 because that just made sense. I am glad I did this and will make a note in the back of the frame to explain it.

Looking at it all I can think is Wow! is this a beautiful sampler all completed. I’m so happy to have stitched it. I need to make my May small and then I’m excited to pick another WIP to finish in June. I’m totally undecided but I love having something finished so I want to finish something else now too.

3 thoughts on “Jane Plenderleath!

  1. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for the lovely Jane.
    I really like the personalisations you’ve made for the initials and the date too.

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