A little interruption!


My stitching has been interrupted a bit as I hinted at earlier!

This WIP was finished November 10! But she sleeps a lot and I continue to make some progress on little things…

Last year I stitched this design from Lindsay Lane, Wishes do to Heaven Aspire. I love how sweet it is. But I really saw it not as a square but as an octagon pillow.

I  was quite lazy and didn’t feel like stitching in a guide to make sewing the pillow perfect so I kept putting it off. 

But then…for the Pyn Pillow, Milady’s Needle showed the drawn thread method to make a guide! You just pull out a linen thread so many threads away from the stitched area. So easy to achieve perfection! Then I just needed to stitch the cropped corners- simple! And I decided to add the lace by hand since that wasn’t so bad on the pin pillow either! Perfect, and done.

Next up was finishing X-mas In My Heart, here it is. It came out a bit wonky for all my care. The chenille trim covers a host of faults, thank goodness. Hearts, I have decided, are hard. Until I discover the trick of them. There must be a trick!

I needed some quick and easy things these days so started a couple Mill Hill ornaments: 

I’m waiting for some smaller beading needles for the drum as the petite seed beads just don’t fit on the provided needle. Grrr! I ripped the paper too and now have to patch it somehow. I often have trouble with those green seed beads!

So I started the Santa while I’m waiting. These will probably be my last starts of the year…except for a new birth record!

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  1. Congratulations on the sweet new arrival! She is a blessing. Love your octagonal pillow. Let me know when you discover the trick to hearts! I have yet to figure it out.

  2. Oh my I did not know you had a baby recently. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new daughter. As Vickie said, she is a true blessing. Your octagonal pillow is beautiful and so well done. I have not tried a heart yet but I know almost everyone has trouble with them. And I love your stitches on paper. I saw one with a cardinal that I really want to try but I have never done beads before and it scared me off. What size needle do you need to do them? RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thank you!!! I’m not sure what size needle comes in the Mill Hill kit but I bought size 15 which is the smallest I could find. Don’t be scared of paper, especially the Mill Hill kits! They are what I turn to when I need a low concentration, high satisfaction stitch! Kits include all you need with good directions for anything special, the paper is pretty sturdy, the designs are cute, and they can be worked up in a few days.

  3. Joanne P

    Congratulations on the new baby! Not much time for stitching with her around but the smalls will fit in nicely around nap time.
    Love the Pyn Pillow, I always use the withdraw a thread method to centre my stitching when framing, it really helps keep the edges straight and even.

  4. What a beautiful interruption! Congratulation on that fabulous finish!!

    Your ornaments look great too and I look forward to seeing them complete.

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