A Joyful Finish!!!

I’m so proud to present my Joyful Wold from The Snowflower Diaries!! I started it in January 2017 and finished June 20, 2023. Actually I finished stitching the months in December 2019 and then put off the border for an embarrassing 2-3 years. But none of that matters now because it is totally done!!!

I feel relieved to have such a big project out of my WIP basket but I’m also just in love with the cuteness of this design. I can’t decide yet if I will frame it or send it off to be finished as a soft hanging. But I don’t need to decide now, PE I will just enjoy the bliss of a finish!!

If you like this design, it is still available as a free chart from The Snowflower Diaries. You may have to hunt around on the blog a bit to find all the months but they are there!

5 thoughts on “A Joyful Finish!!!

  1. This is really lovely Mary and what a pretty border pattern. I bet you are so pleased to have it finished at last .. I embroidered these as individual patterns and still have a few months to finish, not sure if I will ever get around to it.

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful finish…these are so pretty…I have some of these charts myself but not all of them.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Buttercup

  3. Congratulations on the Happy Dance! Please disregard my comment on the previous post, it looks amazing as it is!
    I have the charts but still in my “stitch one day” online folder.

  4. Oh wow, you finished it beautifully! I hope you fully finished it soon so you can show it off!
    I still have to finish Oct-Dec, but want to change up Oct and can’t decide what to do.

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