July Stitching

July got off to a wacky start with several one night stands with a variety of projects but I have finally settled down to my main stitches of the month. First is my attempt at a small this month, the Sampler Scissor Box from Famcy Work:

I got the kit a while ago, and last summer I found the oval box for it. It’s time to make it up! I love using the Thread Gatherer silks. I do not love stitching over one (on 28 count) but like everything once you get a rhythm it’s ok.

My other project this month is my focus on a finish choice, The Drawn Thread’s Sampler of Stitches. Here I am sweltering as I stitch outside, it’s 110 out, while the kids swim this evening.

I have 2 of the 9 sections left to complete. It’s time to get it done! I’ve been working on PQR. It’s almost complete. I’ll move right along to Y and Z, maybe even before I finish PQR if I don’t want to work on fancy stitches. There is a lot of plain cross stitch in the last section and that seems to go so quickly when you’re mixing it with the fussy specialty stitches. I hope to have it completed in mid August.

6 thoughts on “July Stitching

  1. The Drawn Thread sampler is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more progress on this one.

  2. The Scissor Sampler Box is so precious, you’re off to a great start.
    Your Sampler Stitches looks great too, although I’m not sure I would have lasted that long in the heat!

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