2017 Summary Part 1: Finishes!

Happy New Year!!!

I feel like I should really take stock of my finishes for 2017 in one post to get a sense of what I really got done. I finished many smalls and many ornaments, thanks mostly to the smalls/ornaments SALs I’ve participated in!

Here are my pin cushions:

The two on the top left were stitched in 2016 but fully finished this year (that’s cheating but I like to see them together).

I also made these other miscellaneous smalls; I’m still pondering the finishes…

Here are my (slightly) larger finishes, waiting to be framed or whatever:

Here are all the Mill Hill ornaments:

(Closeup of the last one fully finished, the drum:

And here are my other ornaments:

Not including this Santa which has gone AWOL in the Christmas hubbub, hopefully not forever!

And, not forgetting these which were gifted before I took the group photo:

That’s 21 ornaments this year!

I had an idea. I bought some little 2017 charms to put on things, especially the ornaments. If I go on making so many, and heaven knows I have enough charts and materials, it will be nice to see which ones were made in which years.

Next time I will show you my WIPs which will continue in 2018.

6 thoughts on “2017 Summary Part 1: Finishes!

  1. I love every single one of your stitches and finishes. They are all beautiful Mary. You have accomplished so much and with a brand new baby too. Happy New Year! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

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