Selecting the next Drawn Thread

*Note: I’m seeing I had several draft posts that never got published, mostly for lack of the pictures. I’ll put them up now as I can get them finished up, in the proper order I wrote them, so I can have an orderly account of the last months stitching thoughts!

I was just so excited about my Sampler of Stitches that I couldn’t wait to start another project from The Drawn Thread. I have been looking at my choices every day…I have a couple kitted and a couple that would be easy to kit and start…

I have 2 more Toccatas I really like…numbers 2 and 3, both completely kitted.

As well as a similar smaller work called Partita.

I have always liked her “word” pieces, and this is one I just had to have a couple years ago called Small Things. It is so sweet, but I don’t have many of the threads for it. But it would be the quickest stitch.

How to choose? I’ve shopped this around the family and the vote was for Toccata 2. I agreed and then got another wild hair to convert the colors. It will be stunning…take a look. Here are the called for NPIs…

And here are the bright and autumnal Gloriana Florimels. I wanted to make the peacock really peacock-y.

I have a nice piece of 36 count Lakeside in Chantilly that seems to suit it well. I had to get started right away so I put in the first stitches and now will need to be really careful not to get distracted from the upcoming Sampler September!

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