New Stitches, Old Stitches

The end of September and this first bit of October I have been stitching in a random starting and stopping sort of way. I haven’t done a Mill Hill kit in a while so I picked up this nice Fall themed one called Apple Basket, aiming to have a cute Mill Hill ornament for my October Small:

Eventually I’d like to make a seasonal display of Fall/Halloween, Winter, and Easter eggs. At least those are my favorite kits. I have seen some cute ideas where the display is a metal wall tree or abstract shape that has curlicues suitable for hanging flat ornaments. Maybe I’d try something like that. I bought a few more fall kits towards that end though who knows when I’ll stitch them! They sure are cute though!

I remembered a kitted project I bought through one of those “exclusives” themed Facebook groups several years ago. The verse says: Every Leaf Speaks Bliss To Me and it’s by Summer House Stitche Workes. I mostly remembered the beautiful silks it came with! I thought maybe it’s not too big so I started it (I did change the linen to a higher count). It is going slower than I expected but I do like it. It’s a lovely autumnal color palette, really my favorite set of colors.

I also picked up some ongoing projects…One was Mary Amelia’s Bird. Here’s a bit of progress on that…

And I also worked on Autumn Splendor by Brenda Gervais. Just LOVE this one. I’m happy with my larger count linen choice and stitching 2 over 2 with the called for cottons. The linen is a natural or flax and it was a scrap in just the right size. The patterned border is put in here and there because I was running out of thread and I didn’t want the dye lot change to be so apparent whenever I can find another skein. I’ll finish it up this week I think.

My October thing to finish is supposed to be the pocket for my Bargello sewing roll. I got those first stitches in to start giving it its structure:

Once the ogee shapes on the right match the left that’s all the black there is, the pocket is a triangle shape that fits in the tip of the sewing roll. So this is not really very big. It’s nice to be stitching on this again…stitching this pattern is coming back to me like riding a bicycle! But I will probably not finish this in October as planned as we’re half through the month and I’m not nearly halfway through the pattern! The filling in takes some doing! We’ll see maybe it will go quickly after I get the rest of the black frame in place.

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