November 2023 Smalls Link Up

I decided on the bow charm and added a leaf I had forgotten and now this sweetie is complete.

Hello, I hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving last week. We did. The kids and I made 3 pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin) and the rest of our feast was tip top as well. This is not Instagram worthy food photography but maybe you’d like to see it anyway…

Don’t mind the messy stovetop…look at the pretty pies! Probably our best set ever! I used foil guards to keep the edges from burning! That was a good trick! The pumpkin was the best this year although usually I prefer the apple.
Spiral Clockwise left to right-ish…Turkey (we bought a brined one this year and it was tasty), cranberry relish from Trader Joe’s because it’s the best, green bean casserole from the French’s onion can recipe because I was lazy, roast potatoes with too many steps because also I wasn’t lazy, bacon dressing AKA breakfast dressing because it is made with bacon, toast, and eggs(!) (it’s our favorite, there’s no recipe because I’ve made it up improving it over the years, and we have it every time I make a whole turkey), homemade cranberry sauce- (I forgot to buy the canned jellied cranberries, oh well) homemade gravy made by husband and he did a good job, fresh green beans…a case where the extra step of blanching before lightly sauteing was worth it, mashed white sweet potatoes with sage butter…that was divine in spite of and perhaps because of the many many steps, that and the stuffing were the best. But the gravy was also really good. And also the turkey and Traders Joe’s cranberries. Nevermind, it was all good. I just love Thanksgiving dinner.

I did not finish my small. I thought if I have myself a couple extra days I might, but I still didn’t, so here it is, Kitty Love from Mill Hill.

Maybe I’ll get it done tonight but I’m pretty tired. You’ll know why in a minute. This ornament is for my middle daughter who is most in love with our new kitties especially the orange one. By the way, they have names now, I forgot to tell you I think…

Look at them being all grown up and cat-like. Sophie is the gray one and Alani is orange (Alani is Hawaiian for orange and also precious if I remember correctly and we adopted the cats right around the time of the fires in Lahaina where we have visited several times so we are sadly in remembrance that event.) They are now best friends and snuggle buddies.

So…news. A couple weeks ago we had a pipe break in the wall upstairs. The water damage was not too bad because we were home and got things dried up right away.

This is how they dry out the walls. Set up these Very Loud Fans and blow them into the walls all along the base of the walls, which have had the moldings pulled off and holes poked in if they didn’t just remove all the drywall, and also run a couple equally loud dehumidifiers. We had about 12 of these fans and 3 dehumidifiers going for 5 days straight all over the house. It was like having a jet for a houseguest. This bathroom was the source of the break and was gutted. The water went through the walls all to the first floor, through the ceiling and wrecked the carpet in the hall surrounding this bathroom. It’s a lot of damage a little water (maybe 100 gallons?) can do.

But. In the process of cutting out carpet and tile and drywall to get it dry (and avoid mold growth), a lot of damage was done to the house and the short story is we have to move out for a while to let the workers come in and make repairs and lay new carpets and repaint…we will be almost completely packed out (kitchen not affected thank goodness)…we will miss having Christmas in our house. Wah! But the cloud has a silver lining…we will have a nice remodel of our home and an opportunity to really declutter and make long needed improvements for our big family’s comfort. And we have my in-laws vacation home locally to stay in so a great blessing there. All that to say blogging and stitching will really be taking even more a back seat the next several months. I will do the last Small link up of 2023 and Jo’s Advent blog hop but that’s probably the most you’ll hear from me.

I also say, with mixed feelings, I need to take a break from hosting the Smalls link up which I have hosted for 5 years. I personally have felt unpleasant pressure lately to complete a small, and while I love having that little completed bit of stitching regularly, it’s become a chore for me, and stitching shouldn’t be a chore! If someone else wants to take over do let me know, and if not that’s ok too! We’ve had a good run, friends, and I appreciate all your participation over the years!

So without further ado, here is your penultimate Smalls link up!

5 thoughts on “November 2023 Smalls Link Up

  1. Goodness, one way and another your last couple of months haven’t been brilliant. It sounds like the water damage didn’t ruin family treasures, and you’re trying to think positively about how it can help going forwards, but the main thing is you’re all safe.
    I’m sure Christmas in alternative accommodation can be made just as special, like an adventure, especially as Santa will know about the change of address!
    I know I was absent for a few months, but I’m more than willing to take on the Smalls SAL; a Small is usually first on my list of things to stitch each month so I wouldn’t feel as much pressure as you do.
    Sending positive thoughts your way x.

  2. Beautiful Drawn Thread! Need to stitch it too.
    Merry Christmas!
    with love from Sweden

  3. Thank you for hosting the Smalls SAL all this time. Personally, I don’t think the host should feel obligated to stitch a small every month, just host the link up. Life happens. I hope this SAL is able to continue.

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