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In spite of a Very Bad Headache today, I was able to finish my Flowers From Mary pin pillow. The project was a La D Da kit I received as a gift last year from dear Jean at The Attic.

The ruching came out nice. It was worth the trouble!

I got very little else done on this day which ought to have been productive, but I was determined to put away my sewing machine and other crafting stuff and so to accomplish that, I did have to finish this first. It is not as well done as I would like but it was the best I could do with a headache. And the sewing machine is now put away as well as the other things like the ironing board and sewing box and crafty stuff that has been cluttering up the kitchen for weeks. Good job, Mary.

I also have made some progress on the fourth and last part of Garden Box. This is such an enjoyable stitch! I guess I got up to this much done on Friday. It’s a good car project or pool supervision project because yes, school is out and we’ll be doing a lot of swimming now that it’s hot!

The Attic made a Flosstube last week and I was in it! And for just about the whole video. Yikes! I am usually a more behind the scenes person at the shop but to be honest it was a lot of fun to participate in this. If you enjoy Flosstube, check it out.

I hope I have it in me to get some stitching in tomorrow, I do so want to keep up with my Dorcas assignment!

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