Do you want another post about the Strawberry Band??

One of the 7 Strawberries. I wanted to share the details of the many stitches in this band.

Well, you’re getting one! This should be the second to last one. Then I will start posting about the acorns band but you probably won’t get so many posts about acorns! It is not so intense.

Maybe the many posts reflect the real time it has been to get through all the queen stitches. I think they look great though. I’m very happy how it’s coming out, just a couple more leaves to do.

You can see I’ve also finally decided on brown for the tendrils around the grapes and got all but one of those sets done. Time very happy with that as well. The brown is subtler than the rust but does the job of setting of the grapes without adding more green.

Almost there!!!

One thought on “Do you want another post about the Strawberry Band??

  1. It’s looking very beautiful! I have the chart myself and it’s on my short list (which is only moderately short …). I am very interested to know the colors you’re using for “Dorcas”, as while I usually love the “faded” samplers, the richness here is really calling to me!

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