On a roll!

My first finish of 2018 is “Boughs of Holly” for the Christmas Ornies SAL:

Our themes this year are “12 Days of Christmas” or “Christmas Carol of the Month.” I did Boughs of Holly for “Deck the Halls,” the January Carol. This is a kit from Victoria Sampler, part of the learning collection. This one, set 2 #3, is to learn French knots. I already know how to make French knots, but it is always good for a refresher in technique! I don’t hate French knots like many stitchers, probably because I have a lot of practice with them. When I was little I made an old Jiffy crewel kit of a carrot and cauliflower. The cauliflower was made of French knots. That was a lot of French knot practice!

I was determined to finish off the Mill Hill Holiday Harmony series this year, here’s my violin:

And here is the whole set! Lovely!

For a super quick finish I also made the Mill Hill Aqua Crystal snowflake. I made it faster than I could blog about it. Here’s before beads:

With the first set of beads:

And finished this morning!

May the rest of the week be as productive!

6 thoughts on “On a roll!

  1. I love all your musical Instruments and the snowflake is so pretty. Good to know it works up quickly! Sweet addition of the charm on the boughs of Holly. Your on a stitching roll!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes the Mill Hill kits are fun fillers for that time when bigger projects seem to be taking forever!

  2. What a cute set of instruments Mary, you did a fantastic job on them! Congrats pm your Boughs of Holly finish as well. Seems as though you have been having a productive week!!

    I can NOT do a french knot to save my life so I just fake it or use beads.

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