Random progress: a triple post

My progress is scattered over several projects these days. I was working away on the Three Kings of the Heirloom Nativity and I got this far:

when suddenly I felt like I should work on the sadly neglected Joyful World. October is coming together:

Then I remembered I planned to do a couple motifs in Random Thoughts to stay on top of it, and I really got into that one:

And before I know it… the top three quarters is almost done! The specialty stitches in this are really fun! So that’s my progress on the “big”‘projects.


I have been wanting to try coffee/tea dyeing fabric. I got a whole bunch of white and cream linen in an auction lot so nothing to lose! I have a little chart in my to-do pile that I bought last year (which I’ll show you in a minute) and it calls for coffee dyed linen. I had read Vonna’s tutorial on dyeing and then this week saw a YouTube video with a similar method. It did not look too hard and I had some instant coffee in the pantry and a pot of water on the stove (from a sous vide dinner the night before) and a couple half hours free between chores so I decided to try it out.

I did not measure. I probably put in 1/2 cup instant coffee bits and 5 tea bags-I used Twinnings Darjeeling which seems far too fancy for such a project but you know, I prefer most of my other tea choices, and this one was just taking up space I my tea box so that’s what I used. For the first piece of linen, I used the baked and basted method, simmering 30 minutes and then baking for 20 but I singed it, learned I can rinse-scrub out the darker singed areas, and now it looks fine. Also it’s very soft and has a nice hand. I’m quite pleased! But after doing the floss toss it was too dark for my project. No problem, it is very nice and I’ll used it for something else I’m sure.

I threw another piece in for a few minutes and then pulled it out and rinsed to get a lighter look. This is what I’m using for my project and I’m very very pleased with it.


Since this blog is as much about documenting my work for my own records as for showing off my progress, today I also will bore you with a couple mini starts: Bird N Blossoms by Homespun Elegance for which I am using some of that lighter coffee dyed fabric:

It calls for DMC but I switched to overdyes. I just LOVE this Tartan Plaid from Crescent/Classic Colors. There is something about it that looks sparkly even though it is not. This is the wing. Pretty!

And my next VS Learning Collection 4-2: Evergreen, in which I will learn Three Sided Pulled Stitch and Hemstitch.

It has a reindeer charm so it will work for next month’s Christmas ornies category, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, though it will be a considerably more challenging learning experience than Boughs of Holly. I’ve never done hardanger though I need to learn in order to finish Heirloom Nativity!

If I don’t figure it out, I’ll have this as backup for the alternate theme, Two Turtle Doves: Snowbirds by Country Cottage from the 2014 Just Cross Stitch ornaments issue. I kitted it up yesterday. It should be quick.

7 thoughts on “Random progress: a triple post

  1. Mary, you have made good progress on your WIPs. Your coffee/tea dyed fabrics look great. Nice start on the Homespun Elegance piece.

  2. Three Kings is gorgeous, I love the stitched lace on the top, I thought it was real lace for a second! Your dyed fabric came out great. Sweet Homespun piece and I love the snowbirds, your photo of it kitted up is so pretty!! Mary

  3. My you have been busy Mary! Three Kings is simply breathtaking! You have been making good progress. Good luck on learning your new stitches and I think you made a good call in changing out the floss on Bird N Blossoms, the wing looks great with the over dyes.

  4. I have been working on `Random Thoughts` as my stitching for Friday night`s but with my Mum ill has been very slow. Enjoying the progress I`v made. Your`s is further on than mine. Love `Three Kings`. Happy Stitching.

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