ABC Heart

Here is my lovely ABC Heart!

This was an old freebie from DMC. I don’t see it on DMC’s website anymore which is too bad, it’s such a nice design!

I stitched with Caron Waterliles Silk Cherry and Chili on Picture This Plus Truffle. (the fabric is pinker than the picture shows-I need to try to get a better picture). I am just so pleased with how these colors go together! Cherry and chili could almost be extensions of each other.

I’m also working on July for Joyful World. I love the bright fun colors in this month after the browns in October.

I started this sweet little Abby Rose design too. It is a house and flowers. Normally I avoid houses. But I really liked the colors in this one so I got it. Turns out, the called for colors are nothing like the picture so I picked things I had on hand to create the effect of the picture.

I’m not sure the roof is dark enough gray to make a contrast with the house. Hmm…

Unfortunately the chart is really hard to read. The house is mostly two colors charted with “3” and “5”. The rest of the chart is equally difficult with almost all the symbols being the same “tone” if you know what I mean. (You know how ASCII art uses different tones of keyboard characters to make a grayscale picture? Well if this chart were ASCII art, it would be all one shade.) I might have to color it or come up with some other way to work with it or it will be fraught with mistakes. Not off to an auspicious start, but I still love the design!


4 thoughts on “ABC Heart

  1. The ABC heart is adorable, love the colours! Wonderful progress on the July piece!
    Home Sweet Home is so pretty, maybe you can stitch the roof later and pick a dark colour for it! 🙂

  2. Your heart looks fabulous Mary! Good luck with Home Sweet Home. I hate when designers use similar symbols, makes it so difficult to read. You think they would make just a tad easier on the stitcher.

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