Yes, it’s April but I’ve just almost finished July of Snowflower Diaries Joyful World calendar! I loved this one, so bright and cheerful!

What is missing? The baby flamingo in the middle! I decided I wanted him to be fluffy so I ordered some fluffy thread to try. After I finish him I’m putting aside the calendar till June and I plan to do June in June. It’s a bear and beehive-very cute!

I was getting antsy for something different to work on. Last year I won a great lot of floss including some Caron Watercolours.

I had no idea what to do with them. Around the same time I discovered Sekas and Co.’s “stained glass” ornaments.

A friend of mine had made me one several years ago and I always liked it so I was delighted to find patterns for a whole set! And they call for the very Watercolours I have! I just needed to order some gold perforated paper. And it came last week! Here are my first 3:

These take no time at all. So satisfying and just what I needed. Now I need to get some gold paper to back them.

I started my ornies SAL piece for this month. The theme is White Christmas and this white and gold Victoria Sampler ornament fits the bill!

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