Bunch o’ Small Starts

Not content to work on just one small, I have 5 going right now:

Balthazar from Mill Hill:

“In the Sweet” by La D Da, a tribute to my Grandma who passed in January:

Leaping Cat by La D Da (which you’ve already seen):

English Sampler Pillow by Guilia Antichi Punti:

(And guess what? Emboldened by the successful Lizzie Kate, I’m stitching this one in hand too on a prefinished pillow, which is absolutely gorgeous by the way.)

And finally this one, which I am determined to finish this Spring, the Lounging Hare pincushion box topper from the class I took with Sherry Jones too long ago:

(Don’t fooled into thinking this is almost done, there is a flower garland over the rabbit that is the same size!)

Which one will be done first?? Which one do you most want to see finished?? Will any be finished this month or even this year?? Vote below! If you guess correctly which is finished first (just the stitching not the final finishing) I’ll draw a name and come up with a prize for you!

6 thoughts on “Bunch o’ Small Starts

  1. Everything looks wonderful and I just love the lounging hare. Have seen the English Sampler pillow pattern a couple of times but had no idea it was a prefinished pillow – cool! I’d guess Leaping Cat will be the first of these to be finished.

  2. So sorry for your grandma…

    All projects are very pretty! Can I ask how many strands of floss you use on the perforated paper?

    Big hug!

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