Mill Hill Mania


It’s been a weird month for stitching. We’ve been super busy and I haven’t had time to just buckle down and make great strides on any thing.

I got on a Mill Hill kick though. I can do Mill Hills while I rock the baby so that’s been my main stitching lately. Here’s what I’m doing:

The stitching on Balthazar is done. I don’t know when I’ll have time for beading. I can stitch my Mill Hill kits when I’m rocking a baby but I can’t bead and rock!!!

I got the stitching done on two other Mill Hill kits: Christmas Angel and Indigo Angel. They are also ready for beads sometime soon. This one has French Knot hair.

This one will have bead hair.

They make a good pair!

Finally, I started stitching a fourth (!) Mill Hill piece, Star Santa. I’ve been rocking a lot lately!

And in other perforated paper news, I am doing a Threedles design on navy paper. I believe this is Christmas 2016. It is quite interesting and beautiful! I am enjoying the variety of fibers.

I need to go find a bunch of fancy beads now. Fun!

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