Being Sick and Beading On Vacation

Normally on vacation I do not get any stitching done at all. Not this time! This time I got strep throat and had to sit in quarantine in the cabin while everyone else went out and had fun. Yay!

I ate ice cream, listened to audio books, nursed the baby, and beaded like a crazy person.

Here are Christmas Angel and Indigo Angel:

And here is Balthazar:

Isn’t he handsome? This one is really beautiful.

It was actually a really nice vacation for me!

5 thoughts on “Being Sick and Beading On Vacation

  1. Well now. I was not expecting you to be happy about being sick on vacation Mary! Good for you I guess? Your ornaments are super my friend. I hope you are well now.

    1. I am better thanks! With 5 kids a vacation is always more accurately called a family trip, so getting sick was a great excuse for me to really take it easy! fortunately I was only down for a couple days!

  2. So sorry you were sick, but clearly having to sit in was not completely bad! Both the angels are beautiful and Balthazar looks amazing.

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