In the good old summertime

Here in Arizona it is hot, hot, hot! The heat really saps my energy! And, with the kids’ summer activities, I don’t have blocks of time for stitching, alas! However I do snatch moments here and there on a variety of small projects. Little by little it adds up, and I realize have quite a lot to show!

First, my “Joy” ornaments are done:

My Star Santa awaits a few more beads:

These were made for the Christmas Ornies SAL (here). This month’s theme is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, so I have a Merry Gentleman (Santa of course is the Merriest gentleman ever, right?) and 2 “Joys” for the “comfort and JOY” in that carol.

Speaking of Joy, I’ve made a little progress on June from Joyful World:

Next to the beehive where my needle is parked there is a great big bear. He is just so big I don’t want to stitch him! He will take several sessions! I am such a whiner! 🙂

And here’s my Just Nan Baby Celebration which I’ve really focused on this week:

So much detail and so many colors in this one! That’s what makes it beautiful of course but also so time consuming! It seems I’ve hardly made any progress even though I feel like I did spend a lot of time on it!

My other WIPs take too much concentration so they have to wait for the kids to be back in school. But my goodness are they building up! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many!

I “needed” another easy project and so picked up one out of my “do in 2018” pile: Charmed Sampler by Raise the Roof. Now this is super cute. And I do not wear my charm bracelet so it will be useful to display my charms on the sampler instead. Here I am so far:

I’m stitching as charted, and the colors are so fun! The verse says “Some wear a charm on ear or arm I sewed mine here to see all year.” Here are the charms to put on it:

There is a stitched charm bracelet across the top and bottom so there should be plenty of room for all of them!

I’ve been working on some finishing too but I’ll save that for next time as nothing is quite 100% done yet. See you back here soon!

5 thoughts on “In the good old summertime

  1. What a great idea to use Santa and the joy ornaments for God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I had such trouble deciding what to do that I haven’t done anything yet. I really do love your choices.

  2. Your getting lots of stitching done!! The stitch with the charms is going to be a lot of fun. Love the Nan baby stitch and sweet Christmas ornaments! At least when it’s too hot to enjoy going outside we have stitching to keep us occupied.

  3. You’ve done plenty of stitching this month. I hear you on the Baby Sampler, I’m stitching the 12 Days right now and there’s so many different colours in each block it’s slow going.
    I love the charm bracelet sampler, what a great idea!

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