July Smalls Check-In-I almost made it!


I didn’t really stitch on smalls this month, more like mediums, and I *almost* finished them. The first is not finished because yes indeed, I did run out of light pink silk. Here she is…just a couple dozen stitches shy of completion…Jane Marshall 1857 from Hands Across the Sea:

Don’t you just love those 2 floral bands? They are stunning. I am headed to my shopping appointment (sounds so fancy!) at The Attic today and will get that pink silk and finish it tonight, and have an updated picture for you on Saturday. If you are an early birdie, you will only see this one, unfinished picture. Come back tomorrow if you want to see her ironed and finished! đŸ™‚

(It’s Saturday—Here she is all finished!!)

Next, I worked so hard on my Silk and Satin Reticule project from Betsy Morgan (Willing Hands). All the stitching and beading is done except for the monogram in that lower triangle, which is the flap of the envelope. I am sorry, but I just could stitch that this week. I chose a monogram but it didn’t fit well. I didn’t want to make a rush job of it. So I will work it out on paper this weekend and try to get it on there right away so I can do the FFO in August. I added the motto on the top “When the World Stood Still” which I saw some ladies adding to their “stay home order” stitch projects this spring. I started this in April I think so it fit the bill for a remembrance of this time, and for posterity to consider what an odd year this was. I also added the bargello heart in place of the charted cross stitch heart and date, which I felt was too plain for the elegance of the rest of this design. I’m super pleased with how it came out!

So like I said, it will be finished into a pocket/envelope. It sort of folds up into thirds and is stitched together along the pre-finished edges. I have the most beautiful silk which my husband brought back from a business trip to Thailand to line it. I can’t wait to finish it and show you. I am so excited about this project! This is priority #1 for my August FFO check in!

Let’s see your stitching! Hopefully you had a productive month with a proud moment in it too!

Speeding to the Finish


I have Jane Marshall figured out. Now, finally, she is going along very well. In fact I am going to get her done this month after all. See?

My main concern is that I will run out of light pink! I have 3-4 ply left! And it is a vintage skein so if I run out, I really need to cross fingers that the new color is a good match!

Jane, Jane


How I was vexed with you.

I thought things would just go along great once I sorted my color problems. Boy was I wrong.

I started the floral band only to discover that little 10 year old Jane did not plan her stitching very well. When she placed the vine, she found her flowers wouldn’t fit, so she squashed most of them in the top part!

See the squashed flowers? This picture is from Hands Across the Sea where you can buy the pattern as a “Little Gem” downloadable PDF now.

I, in my 41 year old wisdom, thought I would correct that “mistake,” so I proceeded to make the flowers the correct shape. Only to discover that then my vine, already stitched in place, was now up a row too high and the stems and leaves wouldn’t fit and ay yi yi, the whole thing would have to be adjusted bit by bit and would probably look really wonky if I kept going. Deep breath.

I took it ALL out. I charted it in some charting software, how I believed Jane would have made it had she the benefit of charting software. I put the whole project in timeout for a week. Then last night I restitched it. I think it looks great.

It may not be a faithful reproduction anymore, but honestly I would be so annoyed seeing those squashed flowers once it was framed up I just couldn’t leave them that way. I can live with asymmetry and imperfections in a lot of things but this floral band just. had. to. be. correct.

I have one more pale green leaf to add to each dark green leaf, then I move on to the last band, the really beautiful one which is, I think, the whole reason to stitch this sampler. I’ll aim to get it done in August.

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