May 2020 Smalls Check In


Welcome to the May 2020 Smalls Check In! I hope everyone got some good stitching in this month! How are things going in your corners of the world? We are not quite emerged from our isolation…mainly due to personal comfort. We are a bunch of homebodies around here! Maybe next month we will go out!

Here is my small for May, A Stitch in Time by With Thy Needle and Thread. It is stitched on Weeks “Gun Metal” with the called for threads, except the blue which was too close to the fabric color so I subbed a lighter blue on the birds. This will be finished as a pin ball. I have not made one before but the instructions look pretty clear!

Here is what I learned. I do not universally dislike stitching on dark colors. This dark linen was relatively easy to stitch on! My problems with the other dark linen I have for another project must not just be because it’s dark. This is a little BBD chart stitched on Lupine from PTP:

I think the trouble is the count (the Lupine is 36 and the Gun Metal is 32) and the mottling. I’ll try my glasses and super bright light on the Lupine and see if it goes better. Maybe it can be my small for June.

What have you stitched, and learned, this month? Link up to share below!

An update on Autumn Quakers


I’m just loving Autumn Quakers! Even though I feel like my colors are a tad lighter all around than the cover image (but maybe that’s just the photography) I am SO happy with my conversion. And working with my silk stash has been really fun. Here is my progress so far after a fruitful weekend. I’ll put it aside to finish up my Small for the check in on Friday (can’t believe it’s the end of May already!). Then I will pick it right up again and finish those couple of motifs I’ve started before rotating to another project for June. It should be about 1/3 done at that point. Wow! I thought it was so big but it is going along pretty quickly! See you Friday!

Spring and Fall…


…Are the themes of my work this week.

I’ve been working in Autumn Quakers from Rosewood Manor. Such a delight!

And Jump Into Spring from Jeannette Douglas.

Jeannette Douglas is such a marvelous designer. Her creative use of specialty stitches and variety of threads make her designs so fun to stitch! I’m really enjoying this piece.

I’m not a big floss tube watcher, mostly because when I have a chance for a long stitch it’s usually watching TV with my husband and if my husband’s not there, I am listening to an audiobook. And because frankly I have not yet found a floss tube channel yet that I’ve felt is a must watch! Until this week! I watched Kim at Sassy Jack Stitchery show off the Jeannette Douglas trunk show and my oh my what a lot of pretty things. Plus Kim’s voice was so soothing and her manner so calm and organized and down to earth, I may have found my floss tube! Anyway if you are not familiar with either Jeannette Douglas or Sassy Jacks, it is worth a watch to find out about them. Here is the link to the floss tube! Enjoy!