The Bucket List-2021

My plan for 2021 is to stitch on as many of my Bucket List projects as I can. If you are not familiar with the phrase, a Bucket List is the list of things you want to do before you die, before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. Well, not to be morbid about it, but this is my stitching bucket list. If I only got to stitch a fraction of my stash, these are the ones I’d most regret not getting to. These are projects that for one reason or another struck me as very special, ones that I want to display and enjoy as finished pieces and not just have in my basket (or other storage solution!) for “someday.” Someday is here!

Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose:

Started: December ? after Christmas 2020

Finished: April 13, 2021

Butterfly Needlecase from the Summer Casket Keepsakes of Amy Mitten

Started: January 1, 2021

Finished: July 9, 2021

Butterfly Brooch by Jenny Adin-Christie

Started: March 28, 2020


Italian Peacocks Purse by Giulia Punti Antichi

Started: April 7, 2021

Finished: August 14, 2021

Elegant Lady’s Bargello Needle Roll from Sampler Cove and Jackie Duplessis

Started: April 9, 2021


Treasure Box by The Drawn Thread

Started: May 19, 2021

Finished: June 14, 2021

Sampler Roll by Samplers Remembered

Started July 1, 2021

Finished August 8, 2021 (Will be framed eventually)

Star of Wonder by Just Nan

Started: October 12, 2021

Finished: December 29, 2021

The Spanish Sampler Etui by Betsy Morgan

Started November 1, 2021