July Plans


This month I’m going to try hard not to start anything new. I have plenty to work on.

I definitely plan to finish up my Silk and Satin project from Betsy Morgan. I got my missing silk color and it’s quite close to a finish.

I like working on this little crewel rocking horse ornament. It’s a fun diversion and small. It would be nice to get it done too.

I have been working on Jane Marshall and it’s smooth sailing now that I’ve carefully marked all the colors on the chart. I’ll see how much I can do. It’s my “watching kids swim” project.

You know I have several big projects…I’ll pick one of those to continue with: Frosty Knotgarden, Autumn Quaker, and my Joyful World SAL. I think the BAP for this month must be Joyful World. It’s my oldest active WIP at this point and it deserves a finish! No picture of it today as I haven’t started in on it but look for it soon!



Foxy is finished!! Hooray!

I put off that tail for months because I knew it would be hard and it was! But I persevered! I had to redo it several times and thank goodness designer Becky Hogg gave plenty of materials. I wasn’t even close to running out. I must say I am quite pleased with myself and how it came out.

A hoop was included for framing but I think it deserves better than a hoop so will be going on the hunt for the perfect round frame to display it.

June 2020 Smalls Check In


I finally finished the stitching on the Let It Snow biscornu from Faby Reilly. It is beautiful but I did not love stitching it. I’m not going to list all the reasons why, I’m just going to enjoy that it’s done!

I’ve made several biscornus so I’m expecting this to be a cinch to finish off. Hopefully you’ll see the final project in July!

What have you stitched this month?

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