Heirloom Nativity…


One of my June goals is to finish Heirloom Nativity. I have been working on that.

First I spent what seemed like an eternity stitching the kloster blocks.

More than a few mistakes had to be corrected, but if not perfectly executed, the count is on and they all line up.

Then I did the gold eyelets. No problems with those!

Then, deep breath, the cutting! Yesterday I got my oil changed and between that hour and a couple early mornings this week when I woke up long before the rest of the family and was fresh for some concentrated stitching, I was able to work on the cutting. I finished it this morning:

I made a mistake only when my husband came down and I got distracted for a second! Ugh! But I checked the chart and it looks like it will be hidden in a wrapped bar and so it’s ok. I tidied up the whole back of any loose threads and waste knots and I am ready for a week of wrapping and weaving those bars!

The end is in sight!

June’s Fully Finished Objects


At last! I have my Finishes ready to show you! I am linking up with Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher whose SAL helps motivate us towards fully finished objects. You know I’ve been getting a lot of stitching in even though it’s summer break for the kids right now, but finishing is another matter since I don’t seem to have the big blocks of time required to get out all my supplies and work out what I want to do. So any finishing is a triumph for me! Here’s what I’ve got:

The Stitching Bee Pillow: it was a no brainer to finish this easily because it came with the materials and great instructions!

Another bee…here’s Buzzz from Bent Creek. I originally planned to make this a tiny pillow but as I played with the trim and fabric decided on a flat finish. I want to find one of those little clipboard frames to put it on but it will be displayed like this for now

The Birthday Tart is now a Tart! This does make a cute finish. I have several other designs from Plum Street that are finished the same way so this one will get a companion eventually.

And the piece de resistance….the Mani Di Donna Blue Pot Pillow. What can I say… I love it! If I could’ve only picked one Nashville piece to buy this year, this would have been it. It’s so satisfying to see it all beautifully finished with the accessories. But I think I need a fancier pair of scissors now!

And…here’s one final FFO… from my oldest son! He stitched this from a little kit a couple years ago when he was 8 or 9 and at last we got a frame for it!

It’s only about 2×3″ but he did it all himself. I’m so proud of him!

To see more inspiring finishes head over to the hostess of the Fully Finished Gallery at Ten Hour Stitcher. Thanks for hosting us, Rachel!

Gifted Gorgeousness: June 2019


I’m linking up with Jo for her Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, where, if any part of your project has to do with being a gift or being made from a gift, you can join!

I shared this on my instagram a little white ago, but here is the finish of the Sweetheart Tree Tooth Fairy Pillow I made for my 7 year old, completed before the 1st tooth is lost! I will give it to her on the special day of that first lost tooth (she has several wiggly ones so it should be soon!) and I know she will love it!

The ruffles are never easy for me and these are far from perfect but I’m really happy with the colors in this-I used my own colors and linen to match the backing/ruffle fabric I liked, and I tried out DMC Etoile in the wings and border-a nice subtle sparkle!

Here is the Tooth Fairy Pillow given to my older daughter a few years ago. This is my first ruffled pillow ever and the ruffle is ridiculously enormous. It is ok if you laugh at it! Even my mom did! But the stitching is pretty and I like how the colors work together. This is by JBW Designs.

I also have a finish of Plum Street’s Birthday Tart! This was part of my Christmas gift a couple years ago, and of course being the Birthday Tart I put my own birth date on it.

The colors on this were tricky to say the least. The model photo threads look very different from the threads called for or maybe the photo is just horribly over exposed. Dye lots can be so frustrating! And so is poor photography! I switched a few threads to try to match the model better and it looks ok but not quite how I wanted it to look so I’m kind of glad it’s done. This will go in one of those little tart pans from Wilton like the model. That will be cute!

Check out Jo’s blog for more Gifted Gorgeousness! Thanks for stopping by!

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