A little interruption!


My stitching has been interrupted a bit as I hinted at earlier!

This WIP was finished November 10! But she sleeps a lot and I continue to make some progress on little things…

Last year I stitched this design from Lindsay Lane, Wishes do to Heaven Aspire. I love how sweet it is. But I really saw it not as a square but as an octagon pillow.

I  was quite lazy and didn’t feel like stitching in a guide to make sewing the pillow perfect so I kept putting it off. 

But then…for the Pyn Pillow, Milady’s Needle showed the drawn thread method to make a guide! You just pull out a linen thread so many threads away from the stitched area. So easy to achieve perfection! Then I just needed to stitch the cropped corners- simple! And I decided to add the lace by hand since that wasn’t so bad on the pin pillow either! Perfect, and done.

Next up was finishing X-mas In My Heart, here it is. It came out a bit wonky for all my care. The chenille trim covers a host of faults, thank goodness. Hearts, I have decided, are hard. Until I discover the trick of them. There must be a trick!

I needed some quick and easy things these days so started a couple Mill Hill ornaments: 

I’m waiting for some smaller beading needles for the drum as the petite seed beads just don’t fit on the provided needle. Grrr! I ripped the paper too and now have to patch it somehow. I often have trouble with those green seed beads!

So I started the Santa while I’m waiting. These will probably be my last starts of the year…except for a new birth record!

When all else fails…


Follow the directions!

I wasted a huge amount of time yesterday trying to improve a process that would have worked great if I had just trusted it a bit more from the beginning.

I prefer to sew things up with the machine because I feel like it is so much neater and more secure. But man, is that pom pom trim hard to apply by machine! I must have spent an hour screwing it up and taking it out. I finally decided hand stitching would be quicker after all even if the edge wasn’t tucked in as tightly, so I followed the directions. And it came out. Here is Milady’s Needle Spring Pyn Pillow and I think it’s just lovely!

I also finished off the Bent Creek Tiny Nativity-not in a frame after all but still super cute!

And I am all ready to learn how to make ribbon ruching for the Gingerbread Man Ornament from Little House, which I stitched much earlier this year. Isn’t the backing fabric perfect?

Many thanks to Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher for her excellent tutorials!

Three Sports Ornaments


I just completed the second ice skates ornament this morning so now I have the 3 sports ornaments finished for my kids’ Christmas this year! I am happy with the color on the pink skates too, and it’s good to have them slightly different to tell apart whose is whose.

Here is the pink one all by itself:

And you can see I buckled down and got the baseball glove done too! It was a harder one of the Mill Hill kits to count-lots of shading. But it is very cute!

These will all be backed with felt and get a ribbon hanger. They will make good memories for their sports activities this year!