Improving My Setup


Earlier this summer, I wanted to shape up the situation on Joyful World. The extra fabric was driving me nuts and I was nervous about how it could get damaged or stained just all hanging out. And also as I re-position the project, I don’t want the q snap to press on the stitches. So. I finally cut some fleece to protect the stitching and…made myself a grime guard for this q snap!

First of all, by adding the fleece, I can now keep my project super tight in the q snap. Yay! This is a big improvement! Also, my stitches are not getting as squashed and the edges of the snaps are not threatening to poke holes in the linen.

Next, making the grime guard was so simple and took so little time I don’t know WHY I didn’t do it before, and you can be sure I will soon make covers for all my projects until I have one for each that I keep in the snaps for a while. I used the directions here at Cross Stitch Forum. These are very good directions with nice pictures. I had no trouble at all figuring it out. And, it only took me about 1/2 an hour! I am totally delighted with the product for the amount of time and effort involved.

For my next one I do plan to make a few adjustments. I think I’ll add 2 inches, not 1, to the circumference on the frame because it seems either my measuring or sewing is off, or I have too much material to stuff in there-basically I’d like the guard to be a little less tight. Likewise, I will make sure the width of the fabric is at least 6 inches, maybe even a bit more, 6 1/2. I don’t mind having a smaller window but I DO want all my extra linen to get tucked up in the guard.

My next improvement will be making some project envelopes but that will have to wait until I have a much bigger block of time!

PS: I decided to do August after all. That will give me the most flexibility in choosing subsequent months when I get behind again! I’m all ready to go!

July “Mediums”


My July “Smalls” were more like “Mediums” for me. I did get in a good amount of stitching considering it is summer and my schedule has been…not a schedule.

First, May for Joyful World. The cats are so cute! Again, no plan yet for the grass along the bottom. I am leaving all this ground for each month till last. So for me, it’s done. Should I skip June and July and forge ahead to August to keep up? Hmmm. I love the flamingos in July! Maybe I’ll do them next!

Next, almost finished is the Fraktur Friends Silver Needle piece by Plum Street. This is so fun. I put in some special touches, the eyelets for the brown and gold flowers and the satin stitching on the wings. The effect on the wings was not what I planned but I still like it. It looks like shingles and while I would be happier with a more defined checkerboard shape, overall I do like the look so I’m leaving it as is. You can see I have a few little sections to finish up:

I was going to make a pin pillow like the model shows and did even buy the chenille. But this would be kind of a big pin pillow. I think it is better framed, so that’s my plan. Then, in the future, someday, I will do it again but tiny, when I have learned to stitch itsy bitsy on 52/60 ct and then I will make the world’s cutest birdies pillow!


In the middle of things


So, usually on vacation I take a bunch of stitching because I am on vacation and will have “all this time.” Then I am lucky to get one stitch in.

This time I was not mentally optimistic, but I still came prepared just in case. And I did get a few nights of stitching done on May for Joyful World. Here it is:

I really like this one nonetheless I am way behind because I have been enjoying working on so many other projects this year! So, I am not minding TOO much taking my time with it. I guess this will be a 2 year project. But I won’t let that idea make me put it all off till next year! I will keep plugging away!

So why isn’t it done? It easily could be! But I also really wanted to start on Plum Street Samplers Fraktur Friends! I’ve been working on it here and there all week and we’re about half done:


This was part of the Silver Needle’s Circle of Friends club which I was lucky enough to get a last minute spot in last year. I just LOVE this design. I think it might be my favorite of all of them. I like the model finish better than the finish with the materials provided so I’ve got to order some chenille trim.

I hope I get this done to count it as my July small…we’ll see. It’s not THAT small compared to the others I’ve done this year!