Done and done!


I finished the Prairie Schooler 2001 Santa! Yay! This one is a gift and so I will definitely be making it over again for myself. Not this year though!

I finished Santa a week or so ago and today I finished Spring Arose by Blackbird Designs. This turned out to be really enjoyable and I love the color palette. I have to track down the right size box at Hobby Lobby and I will finish it as suggested.

I’ve also been working on August for Joyful World:

It is my car project this week. The border and straight lines is easy to do while I’m waiting. I like the border style but I am becoming “bored” of it.

Because the flowers are all lazy daisies those will be my special stitches in this block, and I’m doing the ground as charted. This one will be completely done when it is finished this month.

My SALs for this month will be done on time!

As a reward I have been kitting up a bunch of things I DON’T have time for. Maybe they will be my projects for next year!

And I got this…

My first biscornus


For the Christmas Ornies SAL last month, the theme was blingy ornaments. I could have stayed safe and done one of my numerous very blingy Mill Hill kits. But, I have really been wanting to do the Victoria Sampler Biscornuments and this was a good excuse. They were fast to stitch up so I made 2. Here are the parts, including the tassels and hanging cords (these were a cinch compared to what came next!) 

After the stitching and prep for finishing, the first one took me a good hour to construct. The second was a tiny bit faster. My, but they were fiddly! (Probably especially because they are SO SMALL- I substituted 32 for the called for 28 ct.) Worth it, however. I am not turned off of biscornus, and a good thing too as I have a million charts for them. The shape is so appealing to me. Really, who could not love them?

I am very nearly done with the Prairie Schooler Santa. I “cheated” and made myself a border so I don’t have to keep referring to the chart as I fill in the Expanse of Red Coat. It is not so bad. 

For the rest of the year, even though I long to pick up and start something new, I feel like I really need to concentrate on finishing the things I’ve started already. That includes this one; I can’t even remember when was the last time I worked on it-Blackbird Design’s Spring Arose. I don’t dislike it, I think it was just one too many things going on. I’ve picked it up again and am making some small progress. I can get it done this year.

I started August for Joyful World (what a joke, starting with only 2 days left in August!) I’m going to do August here in September then do September in October. I love the barn owls. Then I will probably be done for the year…I might have known it would be a 2 year project!

Oh! And I got a picture of Fraktur Friends. Isn’t it NICE? Just need to frame it!

Diligence! A Smalls Update


OR How Regular Stitching Has Paid Off This Month. The kids are back in school, so that means I return to my regular schedule and some time to stitch in the car waiting for the pick up. And with the routine back in place, I also end up with some time in the evenings too. Nothing is fully finished but the stitching is done, so that’s half the battle, right?

Here is my official small for Heather’s Smalls SAL. I finished the little Crossed Wing Collection Cardinal! In just a week!

I love it. I am so happy to have more of these to do. But my lingering question is, did I do it correctly? I wonder if my technique is ok-how can I get the stitches to lay more evenly? I can tell they are twisted here and there, and how where I put single colors in amongst stitches already present it doesn’t seem as neat as it should be. But then, I was staring at it through a magnifying glass and I imagine I’d probably be horrified if I looked at my other work that closely!  Well anyway, it sure is cute and was fun to see it come together.

Now I can’t say I enjoyed stitching it that much. It is a pain to use the magnifier. And it was not very easy, working so small-(here’s a bad picture with a DMC label for scale.) But these issues were entirely made up for by how FAST it was, due to its being all tent stitch and the fact that it is so tiny. And the gauze was actually, itself, quite easy to work with. And the silk was very nice too-not knotty at all. I’m amazed how the colors make such beautiful shading in such a little thing too. When I was first stitching them on, especially the lightest reds and greens I thought, “there is no way this is going to look like a normal-colored bird or leaf” but lo, it is just right. I am wondering about some little cute animal designs I like and how easily they would adapt to silk gauze. Hmm…

To finish, I think I will get a little pocket watch frame. I have seen these around at craft stores and have seen them used for finishing itsy-bitsy projects and they are darling. It should not be hard to find one to fit this project. But I do need to learn how you finish a gauze piece-maybe it is stretched and laced like normal?

This is not the only thing I have worked on!

Look, look! My Prairie Schooler Santa (2001) is about 1/2 done!

The other half, of course, is the interminable expanse of red coat. Ugh. This, I think, is my least favorite type of stitching, though it can easily be done when I need something to do that I don’t have to think about too much. So, a tedious job is useful to have sometimes. But for me, it is important to keep it mixed up with something more interesting.

Like the Victoria Sampler Biscournuments! I had another long blood test yesterday and was so glad of it actually, to have several hours to stitch away and finish the Poinsettia one. Isn’t it pretty? Now I await my order of DMC perle to make the tassels and assemble the biscournus.

I will say, this chart of the Biscournuments is an excellent buy. 5 gorgeous ornaments, and a lovely, impressive result for very little hassle and stitch time. Thank you, Victoria Sampler, for such a rewarding project! I will make them all!