A case of startitis


As if I don’t have enough going on, this week I caught a bad case of startitis.

I started March of Joyful World! Which is my only legitimate start because I have to at least start March in March, right?

(is February done? No, it is not! Not quite anyway! I am still deciding on my special stitching for the baseline.)

I started this! (my Ornies SAL for April)

It is a freebie from The Drawn Thread called First Snow.


I started this! (My spring Smalls FB challenge)

This is the pin cushion to go in the Just Nan grow tin I finished earlier this month.

I started this and I almost finished it! (I ran out of thread because I wanted to use 2 ply instead of one-bunny still needs spots-I will change the stripes to spots)

It is Stoneware Bunny by Priscilla’s Pocket released at Nashville this year.


I started this random thing, Little House’s Gingerbread Man ornament, which I had no business starting because it doesn’t fit in my schedule or plans-I just wanted to get going on it because I FINALLY have the floss I need!

I also gave way too much time to Spring Arose: 

But I spared some minutes for Random Thoughts because I got my missing color! Can you tell I made any progress? I can’t! I worked on the satin stitch elements which is time consuming counting for sure!

I’d say a pretty severe case of startitis! Hopefully it means something will be finished sometimes this month too!

So close!!!


My big projects are on the back burner(s) as I attempt to catch up and stay caught up with the SALs. (I do not resent them…yet!)

Here is my Christmas ornies SAL-if all goes well it will be done today!

 I will love having a handful of my Mill Hill ornaments completed this year thanks to the SAL. I have many many of these kits and I really just need to keep chipping away at them, hopefully faster than Mill Hill releases new ones I must have!

Here is Joyful World February:

 SO CLOSE! I want to change the base line under the ducks so it has a special stitch like the eyelets in January, and then do something similar each month. In any case, I also want to get this one done over the weekend. I have to start March sometime after all! March will be fun. Lots of colorful flowers! 

And here is an actual finish-the Just Nan grow! tin.


SO Sweet! (And I think I will like the ladybug tin even more. I am so glad I picked it up when I had a chance.) Now, Iwill turn this in for my Smalls SAL if I don’t have anything else. (though I plan to get at least one of those rabbits done!)

Finally, I stared something new…Blackbird Designs’ Garden Fair.


This is my first Blackbird! It is so pretty! I love the colors! I was trying 10 a day to jump start it. Well, you know by now that doesn’t work out for me. Instead, I am going to stitch a length of floss a day, most days. I tried to find the box it is suppposed to be mounted on but my Hobby Lobby didn’t have it. I will hunt. I would love to have a different kind of finish for this-the box would be perfect!

So there’s the teaser…watch for a few more finishes soon!

That’s it! I’m giving up!


…on the 10 a day thing, anyway! For my grow! tin! Here it was on Sunday…

And I just couldn’t bear it anymore! I just had to get it done. So here we are today:

The finishing doesn’t look too bad but it will take a block of uninterrupted time so I’ll try to make that happen tonight or tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it done! It’s so pretty!!

I’m going to use this 10 a day method to jump start my next project too! Now I just have to decide what that will be!