Two Down!


This week I finished up November from The Snowflower Diaries’ Joyful World…

And the Heart’s Content Mini Motif Sampler Fall Foliage:

Wow, was my centering off! How embarrassing! I’m glad it fit!

I’m so happy with these two! Now on to December and to frame the sampler. The kit came with a gorgeous tiny burled wood frame.

The Little Strawberry Thief is coming along-hope to get it done this weekend!

Nothing is Finished


But I made progress last week!

I only have a little bit of white border left on the Mini Motif Sampler, and then an easy-peasy backstitched line around the whole edge.

I’ve made an excellent start on The Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Sampler’s club. It will be my small this month!

I have my “Sunflower” floss and can finish up my Joyful World November now. It’s just about done!

Three end of year goals


It’s now November so I feel like it’s time to take stock of my WIPs and see what I can get done before the end of the year.

ONE: I really want to get the months done for the Joyful World Calendar. November is half done, just waiting on a thread to finish that gorgeous peacock, and put the flowers (berries?) on the branch. I hope to finish that up this week (if the thread comes! fingers crossed!). Then I will jump right into December. I plan to do the elaborate, but repetitive border, in 2020. I have just enough space for it. It is very beautiful.

TWO: Speaking of very beautiful, I do need to also finish the Hardanger on Heirloom Nativity. I got slightly discouraged but I simply must finish this before Christmas. I have new starts, and barely starteds, “burning holes in my project bags” and I can’t justify working on a big one unless I finish this. It should not be hard. Just picky, and requiring confidence. Go me!

THREE: While I have set aside my Peacock Initial for the remainder of the year, I do hope to finish the Mini Motif Sampler from The Heart’s Content. I had been working on filling in the cream background. It was slow going! And then my Ottlite broke! Oh no! I have depended on my dear Ottlite for years to be able to stitch at night. I don’t think there’s any hope for it. It still turns on but the plastic “neck” is what broke and it just hangs there all limp and sad-looking. I tried to rig it up but the lamp got hot and began to melt my rigging system so I decided not to risk a fire. I felt I might have to put it on hold until after Christmas when I may get a new Ottlite. But then I bought myself a pair of readers! They are great! They are life changing! I think they may help me actually finish it! It is my third priority for the year. Fingers crossed!

Finally, less than goals and more like wishful thinking, I have a couple of small starts hanging around, hoping for their turn in line. One is the Blackbird Designs pindrum I showed a while back. Another is a club piece from Scattered Seed Samplers. Lastly, I have a little Faby Reilly biscournu I started last year, which got set aside I know not why. It is nice and wintery. I should work on it too. If I work on smalls for the Smalls SAL, these are the ones I would most like to accomplish. For me they are actually “mediums” so they feel ambitious but who knows what I might be able to do. If I get the first 3 things on this list done, I will feel really good about this year. Check back with me soon and I’ll show you how it’s going!