March Fully Finished Gallery


It’s a framing month! I finally got around to ordering some frames for a few pieces that have been finished for a while and are deserving of proper display. Framing is always more time consuming and picky than I think it will be, but the results are always worth it. I just love seeing my projects on the wall. So here they are!

The Garden Fair by Blackbird Designs

I never did find a box the right size for this piece, but that’s ok. I love it framed!

Wild Garden by Blackbird Designs

It was going to be a flat fold. But then I saw one framed and I just had to frame mine too.

Leaping Cat by La-D-Da

One of my very very favorites. (The picture does not do it justice-too yellow. But it was finished late tonight, so I didn’t have natural light.)

If you want to see more FFO’s this month, head over to our lovely hostess, Rachel, The Ten Hour Stitcher for her FFO Gallery link up! There’s always lots of pretty things to see and be inspired by! Thanks for visiting!

New focus piece: The Pink Sparrow


So I did pick up a new focus piece for this month, and it’s going along nicely! I decided to work on The Pink Sparrow Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread.

Such pretty springtime colors

I have almost finished the first page (there are 4 pages in the pattern). Maybe I can get it done in a month!

I am also finishing up another little Mill Hill ornament. Here it is, ready for beads.

This one is special. It came to me with just a little started in a bag of things from my Grandma. I wondered why she put it down. I think maybe because she discovered she used the wrong color yellow in that center flower like motif and maybe she didn’t want to pick it out! In fact I only discovered the wrong yellow was used after I finished the cross stitches and I was comparing the the cover picture! I’m going to leave it as is. If I ever want to stitch it again, I’ll do it correctly.

February 2020 Smalls Check In


Welcome to the February 2020 Smalls SAL Check In! I got quite a bit of Smalls stitching in this month. I already showed off a couple Mill Hill ornaments and even squeezed in one more Snow Crystal! This one is Sapphire Snow Crystal. These snow crystals are super quick to stitch and very effective with the sparkly beads.

Now I have made 5, one for each of my kids. There is one more in the series but it is gold. I’m not sure I like a gold crystal so if I make that one I will see about changing the colors.

If the Mill Hill snow crystals are quick, my next small was a lightening fast stitch. This is “Rhodes Hearts” from The Victoria Sampler Learning Collection, kit 3-3.

Isn’t it sweet? I love these Learning Collection kits. Even if I already know the stitch as in this case, they are such nice little designs. This took me only about 3 hours to stitch on Monday this week. I had 2 hours at the new indoor trampoline park where I took my little kids to the “leap week” play time and then finished it up that night while listening to the last hour of Tom Sawyer (read by Nick Offerman on Audible). I had never read Tom Sawyer and my, that was a good, entertaining story. And Nick Offerman’s narration was about perfect. He has that great dry sense of humor and Midwestern accent that is very complimentary to Mark Twain’s writing. Well, enough about that, here’s some more stitching…

This was a little secret stitch for the Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop, hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. If you participated , you maybe already saw my piece on Vickie’s blog, A Stitcher’s Story. This is the “Love” scissor tag from The Drawn Thread. I picked my own colors and like how it came out even if the corners are a little wonky. (That is because the card inside was a tad too big once I stitched it together, but it was too late to fix it once I noticed how bad it was so I will live with wonky corners). I finished it as a little ornament instead of as a fob, which I hope will be the first of several to make myself a little Valentine’s Day Tree.

I hope you also had a productive month! Please join in and share below!