Little Bubbles of Happiness


I know I said I wouldn’t start anything new this month. Then I found the cutest SAL and I had to join in. It is so little and sweet. It is called Bulles de Bonheur (Bubbles of Happiness) and is offered by a French designer, Pili Campoy on her blog Lin Pulsion.

She says, we are all living in our own bubbles right now during our pandemic lockdowns, and we should make them little Bubbles of Happiness. My French is still ok for reading…I hope that is a good enough summary-translation!

Here are my first 6 little Bubbles. You pick your own colors and I am using Gloriana Antique Pink and Ollieberry (the purple) and Thread Gatherer Cerise Noir on a 36 ct mystery linen-it is pale gray blue. I am happy with the colors. I think I should swap the Cerise and the Antique Pink to make the pink more of a highlight color rather than a focus color. I might do that going forward.

If you want to join, here is some more information: It is a free chart for the duration of the SAL (49 weeks or so-it is currently on week 14) and then the pattern will be available to purchase-I assume on her Etsy shop. (Pili Campoy has a similar pattern- only squares- and many other cute designs in her Etsy shop. ) A new bubble is released each Wednesday for a total of 49, with a border at the end. You can stitch in a square, or some ladies are doing stitch bands or other configurations, or even separate ornaments! There is a Facebook group to see lots of inspirations for colors and layouts-search for Bulles de Bonheur.

Fully Finished July


Thank you, Rachel, for hosting the FFO Gallery! Such good motivation for that final push to finish projects!

Here is my Faby Reilly “Let It Snow” biscornu. Whew! So glad to have this one in the books. I think it’s lovely though and am so glad I stuck with it.

I found the sew-on Swarovski crystals on Etsy from Crystallized Montees and if you need any bling for a project I highly recommend her shop for its selection, quality, and fast shipping!

There is even bling in the bottom!

Today I took a finishing day and turned the Jiffy crewel “I Love You Ornament” into a hanging pillow ornament. I LOVE IT!

Puffing up a heart to be smooth isn’t easy for me. It is one of the most challenging finishes I have tried. This time I used a tutorial from Heather McClean on Instagram. She does beautiful work! Check her out! This one came out better than my past attempts but still had lumps. The back is red velveteen that matches the trim. The trim covers a host of lumps! Trim is the best! This is just ordinary trim from Hobby Lobby-no fancy hand dyed trim needed for this particularly bright shade of red!

Since I was already in heart mode, I thought I’d pull this one out of the “finished stitching” drawer. I think I stitched it 2 years ago. This was a free DMC design but it is difficult to find the pattern any more.

I believe it is stitched on Truffle from PTP with Caron Waterlilies silks in Cherry Cordial and…well I can’t remember. I was delighted to have a cotton fabric that matched it so well for the back. When I have a chance to go out to a craft store I shall try to find more ribbon to match the ribbon hanger so I can have a ruched ribbon trim. I need that trim. See the lumps?? And this is my best heart to date. Even if it was not a little bumpy the trim will be very sweet. There’s no telling when a shopping trip will be possible here in Arizona where we are a coronavirus “hot spot” and my family is reluctant to go out much.

Thank you all for hopping over! Now please head back to Rachel’s to see more FFO accomplishments!

July Plans


This month I’m going to try hard not to start anything new. I have plenty to work on.

I definitely plan to finish up my Silk and Satin project from Betsy Morgan. I got my missing silk color and it’s quite close to a finish.

I like working on this little crewel rocking horse ornament. It’s a fun diversion and small. It would be nice to get it done too.

I have been working on Jane Marshall and it’s smooth sailing now that I’ve carefully marked all the colors on the chart. I’ll see how much I can do. It’s my “watching kids swim” project.

You know I have several big projects…I’ll pick one of those to continue with: Frosty Knotgarden, Autumn Quaker, and my Joyful World SAL. I think the BAP for this month must be Joyful World. It’s my oldest active WIP at this point and it deserves a finish! No picture of it today as I haven’t started in on it but look for it soon!