Smalls SAL 2020 News


Happy New Year! For all of you who like to participate in our Smalls SAL, I want to assure you that I AM continuing it this year! I really enjoy smalls myself and love seeing what everyone else stitches. The All About Smalls Facebook Group is a favorite group of mine, but I do really enjoy seeing people’s blogs and their little stories about their smalls, and finishing techniques, and so on that is usually beyond the scope of FB or Instagram. So, we will continue the SAL!

I am working on updating the info page here on my blog, and the logo for 2020 which you can put on your own blogs. I’m just changing up the colors and dates. I just finished updating the badge/logo and you may certainly copy it on your own blog if you want to show your participation! I’d appreciate a link back my blog, if you don’t mind! I wanted to ask this year, if you use Instagram and you also post your smalls there, please use the hashtag #smallssal2020.

The format will be the same this year, it works well for all of us I think. I do have one small favor to ask. I do need to pay for the link up service. Because I use WordPress for my blog, I can’t use the free link up services that some others have for SALs. I wondered if anyone is will to chip in a small amount to help me pay the fee this year? It is $24 a year for me. If you are willing to contribute, please get it touch by email, and we can work it out.

Thank you so much, friends! I’m so glad so many of you continue to link up every month! See you on January 31!

2019 Wrap Up


Happy New Year!

It is time for the annual summary of projects! It was productive year! I had 38 (I think??) finishes. Of those, about 6 were carry-overs from 2018 or earlier (including the Victoria Sampler Heirloom Nativity and the Snowflower Diaries Joyful World Calendar) and the rest were new starts. Of course they were almost all Smalls but that’s what I can manage in this season of life!! I started 3 things (again, I think??) in 2019 that I didn’t finish-can you even remember what those are? I will share them at the end! And now for the photos!

Three Just Nan Critters

Pin cushions and pin keeps and pillows galore!

Really, if you want to know the names of any of these without going back through the blog, just ask in the comments!
This little set was a gift so is not in my family photo. 🙂

Ornaments, all of which were FFO’s. I was astonished to discover that I made no Mill Hill ornaments this year!

Framed projects!

The theme was “bees” I guess!

Projects that need to be framed or finished: I received money for framing for Christmas so I will be getting some of these finished for display very soon. I made you a little flip book video! Just click this link and it should pop up:

And last but certainly not least, two big projects finished and ready for their next steps, a professional frame for Heirloom Nativity …

and the finishing touches and border on Joyful World.

How satisfying to see my stitching year all in one place! I’m going into 2020 with only a few old WIPs: the Faby Reilly biscournu, the Gigi R Peacock Initial, and the Frosty Knotgarden from Chatelaine. Looks like a lot of blue is in my 2020!

And then there’s my Bathya (pronounced Bath- I -Ah) workshop project, which I intend to start in earnest this year.

And there may be one or 2 others that got a couple stitches into a start and then were put aside. I’ll dig through my basket and see what’s in there when I clean things up this weekend. Thank you for visiting my blog and a big thanks to those who encourage me throughout the year with your comments! I’m always delighted to see I have anyone reading and commenting my blog!

Toccata 1: Two days and 14 motifs


I have a new start! I couldn’t even wait for New Year’s. I started it on Saturday night, the 28th. It’s Toccata 1 from The Drawn Thread.

One reason I love The Drawn Thread is because of all the fun specialty stitches that are included, in just the right amount. Projects from DT are true samplers. Toccata 1 is an excellent example! Each border and block motif features different stitches:

There are 88 separate motifs in this whole project: Borders, Letters/Numbers, and Blocks (between the letters). So far I have completed almost 14!

I am missing 2 of the threads so that will slow me down! I aim to do a few more motifs each day and maybe it will be my first finish of 2020!