November Smalls SAL Check in


(updating to comment that this is my November Smalls SAL entry over at Stitching Lotus!)

Well, you know I just love my Mill Hill ornament kits! And I finished off the two I had showed you last time. Thank goodness for tinier needles! I got that beading done much better!

Here’s “Ye Old Santa”

And the Drum from the Holiday Harmony series.

I think I just have to do the violin now and then I’ll have completed this set.

It’s not December yet and even though it will be a busy month, everything is going well so I have plans to sneak in even a couple MORE little projects this year!

A little interruption!


My stitching has been interrupted a bit as I hinted at earlier!

This WIP was finished November 10! But she sleeps a lot and I continue to make some progress on little things…

Last year I stitched this design from Lindsay Lane, Wishes do to Heaven Aspire. I love how sweet it is. But I really saw it not as a square but as an octagon pillow.

I  was quite lazy and didn’t feel like stitching in a guide to make sewing the pillow perfect so I kept putting it off. 

But then…for the Pyn Pillow, Milady’s Needle showed the drawn thread method to make a guide! You just pull out a linen thread so many threads away from the stitched area. So easy to achieve perfection! Then I just needed to stitch the cropped corners- simple! And I decided to add the lace by hand since that wasn’t so bad on the pin pillow either! Perfect, and done.

Next up was finishing X-mas In My Heart, here it is. It came out a bit wonky for all my care. The chenille trim covers a host of faults, thank goodness. Hearts, I have decided, are hard. Until I discover the trick of them. There must be a trick!

I needed some quick and easy things these days so started a couple Mill Hill ornaments: 

I’m waiting for some smaller beading needles for the drum as the petite seed beads just don’t fit on the provided needle. Grrr! I ripped the paper too and now have to patch it somehow. I often have trouble with those green seed beads!

So I started the Santa while I’m waiting. These will probably be my last starts of the year…except for a new birth record!

When all else fails…


Follow the directions!

I wasted a huge amount of time yesterday trying to improve a process that would have worked great if I had just trusted it a bit more from the beginning.

I prefer to sew things up with the machine because I feel like it is so much neater and more secure. But man, is that pom pom trim hard to apply by machine! I must have spent an hour screwing it up and taking it out. I finally decided hand stitching would be quicker after all even if the edge wasn’t tucked in as tightly, so I followed the directions. And it came out. Here is Milady’s Needle Spring Pyn Pillow and I think it’s just lovely!

I also finished off the Bent Creek Tiny Nativity-not in a frame after all but still super cute!

And I am all ready to learn how to make ribbon ruching for the Gingerbread Man Ornament from Little House, which I stitched much earlier this year. Isn’t the backing fabric perfect?

Many thanks to Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher for her excellent tutorials!