Progress on Heirloom Nativity


Happy May Day!!

I went back to Heirloom Nativity last week and made some headway on the next set of bands.

The white band includes rice stitch, bargello and eyelets. The colored bands are partial Rhodes stitch and plait stitch. I love the Gloriana Bellagio silk! And although it’s hard to tell in the photo, the plait stitch shows off the Elizabethan Green so well, I love it!

I just need to do the beading on these bands and finish the vine scroll and then I’m on to the Holy Family, the last picture panel! A finish is in sight!

Despite having several small-medium things in the queue which I want to get to this year, I went diving in my chart file box and pulled Leaping Cat by La D Da.

I’ve had this chart a long time and I still love it. I decided I really need to do these things that are favorites! Plus it turns out I had everything I needed for it so I went ahead and got started.

I’m using 32 count Wren from Picture this Plus and then all the colors as indicated. This titular tiger/Cat is almost done. This is stitching up nicely. Above the cat there are 3 trees and below an alphabet, all framed with a simple border. I bet I can get it done in May.


I had a chance to press and photograph my Joyful World calendar as it is currently. (That means the ironing board was already out and I had borrowed the q snap Joyful World was on for Leaping Cat.) No new stitching since I posted July, but, my it is nice to see how it looks so far. I think it’s great!

You will notice several unfinished areas in most months. If you haven’t read my blog too much I will just explain I plan to use some specialty stitches for the “grounds” of those months but I haven’t figured it all out yet. For those unfamiliar with this SAL, it is a free set of charts from The Snowflower Diaries available on her website. I still can’t believe such a huge beautiful design is free! There is a Facebook group for the SAL but as it is a few years old, it’s not very active now. However I do love seeing how people from all over the world have interpreted the design. If you are interested in this design, the charts are also available in the FB files including a floral border that goes around the whole thing. Many thanks to designer Maja Matyas for giving so many happy hours with Joyful World!!!

April Small: Lizzie Kate Stitching Wallet


Here’s my April Small for Heather’s Smalls SAL, Bugs and Birds by Lizzie Kate:

Cute! This was a kit that came with a prefinished stitching wallet. The fabric is so cheerful! It was great to have something little and cute all finished. I learned how to stitch in hand better on this too. It’s not as neat for me as with a hoop but it’s not too bad either.

This is my first LK design, too bad I discovered her just as she retired but I did manage to snag all of her charts that I liked before it was too late! There’s more Lizzie Kate in my future!!!

Pretty Little Finish


Last week I finished my Victoria Sampler kloster blocks learning kit.

This one was so fun! Again the directions for the technique were excellent-kloster blocks are easy enough but Thea gives the order in which to stitch each block and Algerian eyelet. I honestly think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve made. And I have a plan for it! It will go on a box as a present for my daughter’s First Communion next month.

With my last VS kit and this one I started stitching in hand using the sewing method. I discovered the Kreinik is a million times easier to work with that way-it doesn’t twist and it lays flat. The kloster blocks and satin stitched areas are also super easy, and fast, to stitch in hand. I’ve always been a hoop-only stitcher. In fact I could not even conceive of how anyone could stitch without a hoop. But, I am so so glad to be learning this, because for my next little project I can’t use a hoop at all! Here it is, Birdz and Bugz from Lizzie Kate:

Isn’t this cute? It’s not my usual style (which I knew as soon as I went to kit it and discovered none of the colors called for were in my stash!) but I really liked this one with the colors and cutesy birdies and fabric in the pre-finished wallet. There are inside and outside designs and then directions to make the fob and pin cushion. I think I’ll do that, they are tiny!

Final thing from last week: I made the first ornament from this little Dimensions wood snowflakes kit:

The stitch diagram could have been so much better so I reinvented it to use a double running stitch and got the pattern the same on the front and back except for one stitch! (Pats self on back!) I hope that will work for the other designs!