A down week


Ah, July in Arizona. How hot you are. How you sap the energy! We had a very busy week last week, and this week I feel like I’m almost good for nothing!

I just wanted to check in with a various projects I’m stitching on, not because it’s interesting, but so I can see where I’m at, and then compare to the end of the month to see if I made any progress.

Here is where Heirloom Nativity stands. I am not super happy with all my filling stitches and am considering if I should try to redo some of them, and how much that might mess up the work overall. It is on a pause.

In a moment of ambition, I picked up my Autumn Foliage Sampler from The Heart’s Content. This is 1 over 1 on 40 ct. silk gauze. It is hard to do. I started by doing the border but the counting was impossible. So I decided to do just the top border, and then start in on the motifs. Then I can use them to judge the border size and hopefully there will be less room for error that way. But I am struggling with the color flow of the overdyed silk. Does it just work out? Do I need to work it in rows back and forth or in swathes? I just don’t know and it’s so hard to see it. But I will continue! I need to do a project like this!

However, I am frustrated that the designer made the border 20 stitches from the center “thicker” part on all the sides but one, where it is 19. I had to pick it out because I thought it was all 20. Phooey. I know I couldn’t have fudged it, but I still can’t figure out the reason for this discrepancy. Still, being such a small thing I am not sure anyone could tell one way or the other.

I’ve been working on Blackbird’s Wild Garden. It is coming along much faster! This is an easy stitch.

I’ve also been working a little on the Samplers Not Forgotten project, Garden Urn Pincushion, another easy stitch.

I started something new, the Tudor Rose Berry from Erica Michaels. I loved this simple little design the minute I saw it and jumped at the chance to buy someone’s chart when she was finished with it (it was a club piece for Dying to Stitch).

I have decided just to do the center part and make it a biscornu. I am using 32 ct instead of 36 ct and I do not think a berry finish is so charming when it is huge, like big enough to fill your whole hand, especially when the motif is simple. But it will make a great biscornu. I plan to stitch it again on a larger count to make a matching, small, berry.

Is that it? Yes I think so. Check in with me in a couple weeks and we’ll see what I get done!

June Smalls Check In


It’s that time again! Happy last Friday of the month!

I just have a quick post for you today…I spent one night this week finishing up Angels by Little House Needleworks.

This one is so cute! It had been my swimming lesson project last year and when swimming lessons were finished I put it away out of my bag and promptly forgot about it despite how close it was to a finish! All done now!

What have you finished up this month?  ***The Linky is not working consistently. If it doesn’t work for you, please add your link in a comment and I will try to get it in the list. I am sorry it is a hassle this time!***

The Land Of Forgotten Projects


Having gotten all those little finishes out of the way last week, I was eager to reward myself and start something new! But did I really deserve it? To find out, I decided to sort out my stitching basket and see what else needs doing first. Oh my I do have a number of neglected projects! It is embarrassing! It is time to resurrect some and get them done! Then I will merit a new start. Here’s how I stocked my project bag:

I found Angels from Little House. Look how close it is! Time to get it finished!

Next is Variegated Snowflake from Fuzzy Fox Designs on Etsy. It’s 1/3 done (almost) and SO pretty with the Silk ‘n’ Colors silk blended with a sparkly blue Kreinik.

Then I have this beaded Mill Hill mini pillow. I was struggling with the beads on the fabric. I much prefer to bead on paper! But I really do like it still and it will be sweet when it’s done.

Now here’s an old project!! I started it way before this blog! Another tooth fairy pillow! This one is from Waxing Moon Designs. I started it for my first son but he didn’t really want it so I never finished it. Now I should finish it for my second son. I just have to do the green arrow and then the pillow finish. I think I’m going to finish it a bit different from the picture. And that is not critical to do immediately as the recipient is only 4. But the stitching is a one night job so I really should wrap it up!

Finally, I found I had made a very small start on Garden Urn Pinkeep by Samplers Not Forgotten. This one is very pretty and since there’s so little stitched on it so far it can count as my new start!