October Smalls SAL Check In


And just like that it’s the end of October! I realized on Monday that this week had the last Friday of the month in it. So I had to scramble to get something done! I just made it! Phew!

I decided to pick up this neglected Mill Hill project, the Vintage Rose beaded pin pillow.

I had finished the cross stitches a while ago-you can see that there was very little cross stitch on this piece!

I had just started putting the first beads on. I learned I did not love stitching beads on fabric (in large quantities) even though I love stitching Mill Hill projects on perforated paper (so relaxing!) Then I lost the bead packs! I didn’t mind too much, I had lots of other things to work on. When I found them again, I had lost interest in the project. But now I needed a project to finish up for this month and this one proved to be just the right thing to finish up in a couple days. It wasn’t so bad after all!

Here it is with all the beads and beaded fringe added.

And here it is all finished!

The instructions show how to make it a self-backed pincushion. You fold the edges of extra fabric in, stitching them down the middle and then across the ends.

There is a magnet inside so you can attach it to something metal like your project board, or use as a (large, heavy?) needleminder. I think I’ll just put mine in my display of little things I’ve made.

So, what have you been up to this month? Share below!

The People Choose…CATS!


Thank you, Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, for hosting this very fun Blog Hop, The People’s Choice!

Of course, eventually, the People would choose CATS! 🙂

I have always loved cats. My family has always had cats. When I was engaged to my husband I said I could not live without a cat. He said no. I said we would discuss it. We were married for about 7 months when we got our cat. He still does not love cats, but he tolerates Kiwi.

On to stitched cats! I have not stitched too many cats at all, surprisingly!

Here is a Mill Hill ornament:

And a Just Nan cat:

And a few Drawn Thread cats:

Here are the May cats of the Joyful World Calendar by Snowflower Diaries:

And of course, my Leaping Cat! (need to get it framed!):

And that’s it!

I know I do have some other cat charts in my stash. I should get to those!

My most cat-y cat piece was actually a present from my dear SIL. She thinks it’s funny that I still have it hanging up but I do love it, and I so appreciate her perfect work. She is really a much tidier stitcher than I am!

So that is all for my CATS post. I hope you will go back to Jo’s and see who else is a cat stitcher!

It was a quick stitch


I finished the Threadwork Primitives Quaker Carnations Pinwheel last week. I like it! It is stitched with the called for colors on Weeks Sanguine because I couldn’t get the Lakeside Clay Pot but the Sanguine works really well. It is a light terra cotta color that doesn’t show up well in the photo.

I started November from The Joyful World. It will have a big peacock on it.

I saw someone else’s version of this where they used a particular thread for the tail, Semiramis from Ninas Hand Dyed Threads. I loved it so much I had to order it for myself. I got a whole nice selection from Nina and they are beautiful threads!

You can order them on Etsy and I was very surprised how reasonable and fast the shipping was from Budapest. Nina also sells linens, yarns, and silk thread and ribbons. You can see I am trying some of the silk and ribbons too. Snowflower Diaries uses Ninas Threads so now I can make a few other of her patterns in my stash using her called for colors.