So close!!!


My big projects are on the back burner(s) as I attempt to catch up and stay caught up with the SALs. (I do not resent them…yet!)

Here is my Christmas ornies SAL-if all goes well it will be done today!

 I will love having a handful of my Mill Hill ornaments completed this year thanks to the SAL. I have many many of these kits and I really just need to keep chipping away at them, hopefully faster than Mill Hill releases new ones I must have!

Here is Joyful World February:

 SO CLOSE! I want to change the base line under the ducks so it has a special stitch like the eyelets in January, and then do something similar each month. In any case, I also want to get this one done over the weekend. I have to start March sometime after all! March will be fun. Lots of colorful flowers! 

And here is an actual finish-the Just Nan grow! tin.


SO Sweet! (And I think I will like the ladybug tin even more. I am so glad I picked it up when I had a chance.) Now, Iwill turn this in for my Smalls SAL if I don’t have anything else. (though I plan to get at least one of those rabbits done!)

Finally, I stared something new…Blackbird Designs’ Garden Fair.


This is my first Blackbird! It is so pretty! I love the colors! I was trying 10 a day to jump start it. Well, you know by now that doesn’t work out for me. Instead, I am going to stitch a length of floss a day, most days. I tried to find the box it is suppposed to be mounted on but my Hobby Lobby didn’t have it. I will hunt. I would love to have a different kind of finish for this-the box would be perfect!

So there’s the teaser…watch for a few more finishes soon!

That’s it! I’m giving up!


…on the 10 a day thing, anyway! For my grow! tin! Here it was on Sunday…

And I just couldn’t bear it anymore! I just had to get it done. So here we are today:

The finishing doesn’t look too bad but it will take a block of uninterrupted time so I’ll try to make that happen tonight or tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it done! It’s so pretty!!

I’m going to use this 10 a day method to jump start my next project too! Now I just have to decide what that will be!

Only this…


Well, February was a short month. And the last Friday came up quickly! And I’ve been going to bed early instead of staying up late stitching, which is a great thing, but it’s killing my productivity! Those are my excuses! So, I have to cheat and submit only this little ornament (which is even just my backup offering for the Christmas Ornies SAL this month) as my Small finish for this month. It’s really the only thing I have! And I guess it is just fine as Heather made the trumpet this month for the group!

Harp from Mill Hill’s Musical Instrument Ornament Series-I just have the drum and violin left to make in this series.

The good news is I have so many things so close to finished in the WIP queue that soon there will be a lot to look at! If I can keep my eyes open past 8:30 one of these nights to work on them!

Thanks for bothering to come over and visit me!