Almost there…


I’ve been working away on these 3 ornaments in an effort to get them finished-finished so I can put them away with all the Christmas things! I need to take the tree down this weekend, so it looks like I have a shot! The Christmas SAL Partridge is done-just needs to be finished into something, Christmas Blessings needs half an S and T and the top of the ornament fixed, and the Mill Hill thing just needs its beads. All this can get done over the weekend for sure! Hooray! I can’t WAIT to get back into Heirloom Nativity and get the next band done for January. And of course there is the little Atalie heart, the Joyful World (I’m waiting for the floss to arrive) and… Lounging Hare! Random Thoughts is put away for a bit. I’ll get it out in February. Busy busy times ahead!

Many little things 


Ahh…it’s the first week of January and can I already be off track? Or am I enjoying an extended vacation and just living by my whims? That’s it. I’ll get serious next week! My whims have me doing 3 ornaments:

First, Christmas Blessings is coming along nicely.

Next up is a Mill Hill kit (you know how I love them) to make a family initial. It seemed like it would be a snap. It is. It’s good for doing in those couple minute moments I find throughout the day-I can do it standing up even. But I just started today so there’s not much to see yet.

Finally for the Christmas Ornament SAL January theme, I picked out Prairie Schooler’s Partridge from 2005 JCS.

I am living  on the edge with my margins of 1/2″, barely enough for finishing. It is measured and centered very carefully-it will work out, but whew-I’m stitching in hand due to the size, which is not my favorite. Why so small? I had a linen scrap the perfect color and I didn’t want to waste it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


At our house we are still celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with lots of cookies, games, and enjoying time off from the Real World. I am very excited about 2017 and my Grand Plans! I will continue Heirloom Nativity and Random Thoughts, with a reasonable hope of finishing them this year. And if I stay on my schedule, MID-year! Hopefully giving me a chance to start something else big and fun (and there are lots of choices!) I will do the 2017 Smalls SAL and ALSO the  Snowflower Diaries Joyful World Calendar! That is enough. I dare not add anything else Official at this point. But we’ll see. I was very lucky to receive some beautiful projects for Christmas and took advantage of some excellent sales to give me a wealth of beautiful work on into the future.

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist starting on one of those, Christmas Blessings by La-D-Da. It is a complete kit with backing felt and ribbon hanger. This is about 1 day of work-what I could get done on New Year’s Day . Looks like it will be a quick stitch and finish!