April Smalls Check In


Hello, hello! It’s the end of April! Time to show off the Small(s) you’ve stitched this month!

Here is mine, a tiny Janlyn kit called Garden Gnome. He came out pretty cute! Time to hunt for a tiny frame!

This is not my usual thing as you know, but it is for someone else so I was glad to make it up. Though I will say the materials in these little kits are less fun to stitch and if I were doing it again I would have swapped them out!

I have been on a little kitting frenzy. Whenever I need an “escape” from homeschooling and the messy kitchen, I run up to my room and cut fabric and pull floss. It feels productive. I’ve been trying to steal some stitching minutes when I sit to help with schoolwork too, but it is nothing like that glorious 20 minutes in the school pick up line which I used to enjoy. Anyway, it’s mostly been for Smalls so hopefully you’ll see some of these finished later this year:

Have you had more time to stitch, or less? Do you see a light at the end of the coronavirus isolation tunnel yet? Are you coping ok? We are fine. Next week our governor will announce if our restrictions will be relaxed or not. I’m just glad my grocery store is not limiting milk purchases any more! With 5 kids we go through a lot of milk and so that is my limiting grocery! Buying only 1 or 2 gallons at a time means many more trips to the store! Well enough of that digression!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on! You can link up here!

Progress on the WIPs


I just love working on The Pink Sparrow and I made good progress last week! I guess I’m avoiding the border a little bit. But if that’s all that’s left at the end it should go pretty fast!

I have some of the cutwork done on Foxy. Cutwork is when you cut the little spiral tubes to size and sew them on like bugle beads to fill in, like on the ears there. I sewed the eyes on too, and now he has a little personality!

And I finished up Flowers and Lace. Now I need to decide on an FFO plan. I cut the linen too short on the right to finish it like the picture. I think I’ll center the design and look and see if I can find the right kind of lace, then place the lace on both sides of the design. It may have to wait until the shops are open again!

Remember we have a “short” month this month with the last Friday falling this week, the 24th, so if you want to participate in the Smalls SAL, finish up that little project you’ve been working on!

Have a nice weekend!