An Update for You


I’ve been doing a lot of stitching here and there, but not really finishing anything. I keep thinking and hoping I’ll finish something so I can join in an SAL or have something of consequence to post but alas. It is the end of the school year. We are busy. I haven’t had time to finish things, much less post about what is not finished. But it’s been 2 weeks and I wanted to get a little progress memorialized here, so here it is:

I’ve spent a few days with Mr. Bear from the Joyful World Calendar. Just his forehead, ears, and ground, plus the stems on the peaches and bees’ wings, are left to do. A night’s work, right?

I’ve spent several hours with the Tooth Fairy Pillow. It was not finished in time for the birthday so I didn’t make that last big push. The top section there needs her name on it, that’s all. The hold up is I want to chart and center it so that takes some doing.

The Blue Pot Pillow is coming along a bit. There are a few more flowers. The colors in this one are so very pretty. I will spend more time with it this weekend:

The Christmas Heart is also coming along, and quite well…I just need to do the beading, and the drawn threadwork in the middle there. Again, I arrived at a stopping point because the remaining work is just beyond my “tv or car stitching” comfort zone!

I started 2 new things (shame! shame!) firstly, Wild Garden from Blackbird Designs:

And the Peacock Pin Pillow from Beehive Needleworks. I converted it to silks but now I am awaiting “The Perfect Blue” which should arrive from any day now. I’ve tried several blues and none are *quite* right. Too green, too dull, too purple. Don’t match the green I already stitched on for the wing. Well, we’ll see what shows up next week in my mailbox and then I’ll bite the bullet on it.

Responsible Obligation Stitching


My 6 year old will very soon be a 7 year old. She has yet to lose a baby tooth (yes, that’s late but she didn’t get her first tooth until she was 13 mos!) but some are starting to be wiggly so I needed to start her tooth fairy pillow so it can be a birthday present for her.

I am using an old Sweetheart Tree design with my own floss and fabric from stash, including trying out some of that new DMC Etoile floss for the wings.

This has an interesting finish-you fold the piece with the fairies over and then attach it onto a back piece making a pocket. Then that is the front and you use another fabric of your choice for the back. I have had this project all kitted for at least a year including the backing fabric, so it is just a question of making it up!

I just need to  finish the left fairy and stitch the border, and then put her name and border on another piece of fabric. I may not make it in time for her birthday on the 13th but her party is not until the 18th so I’m aiming for that day!


End of Month Whims


After finishing Leaping Cat last week I felt such a sense of accomplishment that I embarked on a stitching binge of which the main feature was picking up whatever project caught my eye and doing something with it. You’ve already seen Dilly Mouse but here’s what followed:

First I started a project released at Nashville this year that I just had to have, even though it requires too much tiny stitching! Here’s With Thy Needle and Thread’s Ode to the Ort Box II which is over 1 on 32 ct evenweave.

My eyes needed a break from that so I started another Nashville project, The Blue Pot Sampler from Mani di Donna. Oh but this is pretty and I love it! It’s stitched with Gloriana silks! Yay! You can see I am into it.

Then, on top of a pile in my “stash area” which was being rearranged, I found this kit, Hearts at Christmas from The Common Thread.

I am pretty sure I found the kit by chance on Etsy, though the designer no longer has an Etsy shop. It is a super lovely kit very reminiscent of The Victoria Sampler and Atalie, which is why I like it so much. It is turning into a quick stitch too…

In the same pile, I found Buzzzzzz from Bent Creek. It also looked quick, and different from my other choices. I got it all ready. I found some linen…but it was way too light and the buttons would get lost. So I ordered the proper linen, Autumn Leaves from R and R I think, and it is gorgeous. So it is started too.

And finally, as  I was rearranging my floss rings while I was putting away the floss from Leaping Cat, I had to put some of it back in the project bag where I’d borrowed it from last year, the bag that holds my Snowflower Diaries calendar project. I thought that’s needed some attention! You know how if you put a project down for long enough you can fall in love with it again? Well, that happened and now June is coming nicely! I bet I can even get it done in time for June! Ha!

I know a lot of stitchers do some crazy stitching during “Maynia” and start 31 projects or something like that. I can’t see the enjoyment in that for myself even though it is fun to see others do it. However, this week of random starts was awfully invigorating and I made good progress on many things. I wonder if I can bring any to completion this month?! Wait and see!