Random Thoughts etc.


Well! I didn’t have as much to finish up on Random Thoughts as I thought I did! I was able to put in the remaining motifs in a couple days!

Here is a close up of the section I did last. The cat was tent stitch so it was a breeze! And here I had saved it till last!

Since it finished up so quickly, I decided I AM going to attempt the border this month, but if I don’t finish it, that’s ok. In fact I bet I won’t because I’m low on several colors due to stitching with 2 instead of 1 ply. (I prefer the denser coverage) and I will have to order more. I started to pull the threads to mark the border but I have to count and recount the last side because I made at least one counting error in the spacing of the motifs and I need to make sure the border is the right size.

I started my small for this month, it is American Goldfinch by the Crossed Wing Collection.

This is one of my gifts I mentioned last month. It will be a quick stitch. It is silk over 1 on 40 count gauze. I need the magnifier!

And since I can only work on it at home, my “travel” project (for doing at kids’ lessons and waiting places) is the Charmed Sampler from Raise the Roof which I started earlier this year.

Looks like I may just finish it too. It very well could be a banner month!

Baby Celebration Celebration!


Hooray! My Baby Celebration is finished!

I added the last name after the picture for privacy. Fortunately with such long first and middle names the last name is short! And now on to the November goal: Random Thoughts.

October 2018 Smalls SAL


I finished up Mr. Nutley Owl by Just Nan for this month’s Smalls SAL. Here he is! Isn’t he darling?

I can see why these designs are addicting. It is just SO cute!

I also finished up my Christmas Ornies SAL project for this month’s theme “O Christmas Tree.” This is the Christmas Tree Scissors Keep from The Victoria Sampler which I will finish as an ornament. I used the Just Cross Stitching 2009 Ornaments pattern but I believe it is also available as a chart now. It was so fun to put on the beads.

And lest you think I’ve neglected my goal for this month, here is my Just Nan Baby Celebration! I need to add 3 bugs and the name. It’s “due” Wednesday, right? It will be done!