Fall Break Finishes


I live in Arizona as maybe you notice when I mention it occasionally and in October we are usually experiencing 90+ degree days regularly right up to Halloween. Ugh, right??!! Although it seems like this year has been a bit cooler than normal, our family still wanted to escape the end of summer heat and so we went to visit our folks in Indiana for fall break week! We brought the heat with us as the first days of the week were in the 80s, which is unusual there! At first we didn’t feel like we were experiencing fall at all. But, by the end of the week it cooled down and while the fall colors were scant, at least we felt the chill in the air!

Traveling with 5 kids is never much of a vacation–it is a “family trip!” However, since the kids were going to be enjoying lots of grandparents time I brought my stitching to make it as enjoyable and productive as I could for me too!

And I was productive! I have 2 finishes!

Here is Mr. Nutley Owl from Just Nan. The stitching is finished! I put the beads on too, after I took this photo, so he just needs to be sewn up!

And…Lazy Alphabet! It’s done! Yay!!

I’ll aim to get Mr. Owl sewn up for the Smalls SAL check in and also head off to Hobby Lobby for a frame for the alphabet. It feels so good to be winding down the year and getting things checked off my “Stitch in 2018” list!

Now I Know My ABCs


I finished the alphabets in my La D Da projects.

Here’s Lazy Alphabet

And Leaping Cat

For Lazy Alphabet there are a few more little flowers and things and then the border which is just a solid navy line and a dotted red line. Easy peasy!

For Leaping Cat there is quite a bit more work- 3 trees, a bunch of grass, and a border around it all. This won’t be finished this year due to other “stitching commitments!”

Mr. Owl also has more vest on… here he is:

Little by little these things get done!

2 Years, 25 Years


Friends, today I mark my 2nd full year of blogging! Knowing myself, when I started this blog at that time I was not sure how long I would do it! And I must say I am so proud of myself for posting at least monthly in those 2 years!

I don’t have any *new* stitching to share with you but while sorting out my closet I found some of my oldest bits and thought, if you don’t mind, I’d take a trip down memory lane. If you’re up for that, read on!

Here is my very first cross stitch I ever made. I was about 7 or 8.

I still remember my Grandma and I picking the pattern out of a magazine and then going shopping and buying the threads and a magnetic board to hold the pattern and mark my place.

I got a horrible knot and never finished the back stitch outlines. I’m not sure I will- as is it’s the best memento of my first foray into stitching and such a sweet memory of my Grandma.

Several years after I was working on the bear, my other Grandma (Sweet By and By) gave me an unfinished project she had been working on. It was printed cross stitch so very easy. And I liked how old-timey it was.

The date shows I finished it as a teen. It deserves a frame, done you think? I’ll get on that!

I have another finish from that same year:

I’m sure I started it for a Girl Scout badge when I was about 10 but I was a very slow stitcher and apt to get mentally wound up thinking projects were “so big” though that’s laughable when I look at these things now! It was supposed to be finished as a little banner but the hanger is long lost. How would you finish it? It’s about 3×5″.

So these are the projects from that early era that I still have. Many more from my teens and 20s were finished and given away, without even a photo being taken first! And I think that’s why I really value this blog, for the ability to look back on my stitching and see the work and how much is accomplished! And while I try not to stitch *for* the blog, I also have found it a good motivator to stitch more consistently than I used to do. Anyway those are my ruminations on this 2nd anniversary of Mary’s Thread. Thanks for reading, commenting, and offering your encouragement and support across the miles! You make my heart happy!