My September Small and a Preview of my October Small


Welcome all you visiting from Heather’s Smalls SAL!

I feel like I have several little things going at the moment and it was too hard to decide which to finish for this month’s small! But ultimately all of them just had too much work to finish in the time I had left this week, so I picked up something new and VERY small, this scissor fob from the Scarlett House’s Button Posies:

Now isn’t that sweet? I just need to find a black button and have a finishing day to sew up a bunch of the things that are ready to FFO.

As a preview, here’s one of those small things that I couldn’t finish this time but plan to get done for the October Smalls check in:

It’s Mr. Nutley Owl from Just Nan. What a dapper fellow he will be!

Hope to see you next month and if you wish to see more Smalls head on back to Stitching Lotus!

A La-D-Da-A-Thon!


I have been working on 4 La-D-Da designs this past week. And because I have one more in my “Do in 2018” pile and another on the way, neither of which I can justify starting without a finish, I needed a La-D-Da-A-Thon! But lest you think I neglected the Just Nan birth record (Baby Celebration) I did not! So I will show you that first.

Some of what I did was that time-consuming detail work in the almost finished bands, backstitching, over-one etc. And then I added the satin stitch triangles band and made the white lace and floral bands. Now I just need to do the rice stitch band, the top picture, and put in the name! SO CLOSE!

And now on to the La-D-Da’s!

First up is “In the Sweet.”

It’s FINISHED! This was a complete kit with backing and trim so now I’ll get it finished up into a pillow. I love this. I picked it up right after my Grandma died in January this year and although I’m not sure the style or verse are particular to HER, the sentiment is particular to ME, so that’s why it’s important.

Next is Lazy Alphabet. Of course. I’m always raving how much I love it. Here I am  working on the top third. It almost feels like starting over since the bottom bit is so filled in. But I know it will come along quickly.

Now if you read regularly you will know I was working on Leaping Cat back in the spring but got frustrated with it. So I put it away. I pulled it out again this week to work on something I knew I *could* do without frustration: the alphabet. I figured I couldn’t mess it up and it would get the momentum going again. So I made a little progress on the alphabet and it’s getting there.

I worked on Kitty too. He’s done now except for his toes and he’s so cute!

My fourth La-D-Da is Merry Christmas from Just Cross Stitch Ornaments 2009.

I am using the recommended silk from Gloriana, on a lighter than suggested 40 ct linen. So I am using my magnifier, which is not so bad, but am wondering if the lighter linen is a good choice because the lightest sections of floss seem to be getting lost. Nonetheless, I will continue with it as is because I like working with the materials I have chosen. We’ll see how it comes out and if I don’t love it, I will try it again on darker linen.

So that was my week in stitching! It was quite enjoyable! Thanks for visiting me!

Some days of concentrated effort


I’ve indulged in a lot of daytime stitching and late nights. I should get more sleep…I should clean my house but…well, I’m sure you understand! Plus I started a new audiobook so what can I do???

I completed the bottom part of Lazy Alphabet:

There is a solid navy line around the whole which I will do in hand last. But now I’ve moved the hoop and started the top third.

This is a very quick enjoyable stitch! I’m loving my color choices!

This weekend I returned to baby’s Just Nan birth record “Baby Celebration.” Baby is 10 months old so I’ve got to get it finished!

Here’s my weekend progress:

There is an abundance of cute motifs in this design. It’s fun to watch it come together! I spent more time on it Monday and made really good progress. There are details here and there but 6 of the 10 bands are just about done:

Yes the birds on the white sign disappeared- they were placed wrong so out they came!

Sunday I also worked hard on English Sampler Pillow:

So by Monday all that I had to do was finish the fancy bicolor rice stitch and decide what to do about the Problem Band. And I decided!

I tried some various ideas but I only had 3 stitches high to work with so I ended up repeating the satin stitch triangles in the lighter gold and blue tones to complement the pillow’s ribbon. I’m quite pleased. And…it’s done!

I think it’s the most elegant thing I’ve ever made. Thank you, Giulia Punti Antichi, for something I enjoyed stitching and will enjoy seeing!