A Little Box Finished-My May Small


(Edited to add: This is my May Small for Heather’s Stitching Lotus Smalls SAL)


You know I finished this Beyond Cross Stitch Learning Collection piece from Victoria Sampler back in April and planned to make it into a box topper for a present for my daughter’s First Communion. Here it is!

I found a little square box and had the hardest time deciding on a color to complement the stitching. I settled on blue as it is her favorite color. I used a kind of stain with wax over it. It was not too hard.

Here is the inside with a little cushion I made for the bottom.

This turned out to be a very nice project! I’m quite happy with it.

Mill Hill Mania


It’s been a weird month for stitching. We’ve been super busy and I haven’t had time to just buckle down and make great strides on any thing.

I got on a Mill Hill kick though. I can do Mill Hills while I rock the baby so that’s been my main stitching lately. Here’s what I’m doing:

The stitching on Balthazar is done. I don’t know when I’ll have time for beading. I can stitch my Mill Hill kits when I’m rocking a baby but I can’t bead and rock!!!

I got the stitching done on two other Mill Hill kits: Christmas Angel and Indigo Angel. They are also ready for beads sometime soon. This one has French Knot hair.

This one will have bead hair.

They make a good pair!

Finally, I started stitching a fourth (!) Mill Hill piece, Star Santa. I’ve been rocking a lot lately!

And in other perforated paper news, I am doing a Threedles design on navy paper. I believe this is Christmas 2016. It is quite interesting and beautiful! I am enjoying the variety of fibers.

I need to go find a bunch of fancy beads now. Fun!

Sharing the gift of stitching: stockings from my Mom


My dear mother is visiting this week and she brought a present for our baby which I know you all will appreciate seeing:

My mom is a “gift” stitcher. She only makes presents for people. She doesn’t ever stitch for herself. She made a beautiful cross stitch for my Grandma (her mother in law) (the one who taught me to stitch) with the silhouettes of children on it and all the names and birthdays of all the grandchildren in that family. She made this lovely baby picture for my #1:

And she’s made a needlepoint stocking for each child. Here are the others:

They are all needlepoint and she does the finishing herself, lined with velveteen backs. She is a very fussy finisher and they are so so perfectly done. I hope you like seeing these!

I could share a few other things she’s made and one day I will, but for now, here’s one more stocking, the one she made for me: