So, instead of stitching the past 2 weeks, I have been madly trying to get the Halloween costumes done. There is always an outlet for creativity, right? My challenge costume this year was Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. It wasn’t actually that bad…I had a pattern for the gown already…and Hobby Lobby sells pre-glittered gold posterboard which made a great crown.

Next is Shy Guy. I thought it would be a tricky, but in fact the mask was not so hard. I am glad they sell the right size foam dome for the mask. The foam knife was well worth the investment. Nobody knew who he was but that’s ok. It was a good costume.

And here’s the whole crew. I made the Tiger suit several years ago for this year’s Shy Guy and the Cheetah is a 30 year old costume that my mom made for my brother when HE was in preschool. It does not look 30 years old at all!

In other news…while I had my sewing machine out for the Queen, I decided to finish up this little angel. Now, I have the kit for this one which I have not made yet, but I also found one with the stitching completed on eBay so I had to have it-it just needed to be finished up. I needed something for the trim and my mom came through with yarn from another old Jiffy Stitchery kit-just enough to make a braid. Perfect! And even better, Done!


Wow, I am amazed at the quick progress on For the Birds! I put finishing touches on extant birds on Monday, Kitty in the Corner yesterday, and, got the crows and charms in by the end of the week! I will do the alphabet border over the next week. It has a few more birds in the border to keep it interesting.

In the meantime, I must mention my first foray into the blogging community is a try to win the October giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I am hoping for the Hearthside collection-autumnal colors for the season, also fairly bright, and I have a secret plan for them! 🙂 Fingers crossed!

Snatching Stitches


Drawn Thread’s For the Birds

On a busy weekend, the best I can hope for my stitching is to grab what time I can here and there. The result of that this weekend is the addition of a bunch of the birds to the Drawn Thread piece.  The photo on the chart is so tiny, it is hard to appreciate how cute this thing is. It’s neat to see it come together. And I had thought, when making up the kit, that the colors were pretty dull (But you realize, I really love Just Nan and those colors are BRIGHT) but now that they are ON there, I think CZ is really a master of color. It’s so subtle and pretty and well chosen. Anyway, here’s what I could do with a handful of 15 min sessions this weekend.